Want to cool down a scorching car that’s been parked in the sun for an extended period of time? Does darkening car windows protect your interior from sun damage? Are you just annoyed at people staring into your personal space on the road?

Many drivers love the appearance of adding a cool tint on their car. Beyond the custom look for your ride, there are also many functional benefits that car tinting Brampton can offer.

Makes Your Car Look Amazing


Since tee sap, road salt, dirt and debris may come in contact with your vehicle on a daily basis, the paint will likely suffer some damage. Let’s face it. There are many choices in the market today for preserving the immaculate finish of your vehicle. However, window tinting Brampton use the finest 3M paint protection to protect your vehicle against harmful environmental pollutants. Our protective coating is designed to prevent the color brilliance from fading, scratching, or staining. In fact, you won’t even notice it’s there. This powerful invisible film is designed to safeguard the vulnerable areas of your vehicle (front bumper, side mirror, rocker panels and rear fender benders). Your car will look newer, for longer. Best of all, it will enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future.


Interested in a fresh new color change for your vehicle? Proven to create a truly unique and stylish look, car tinting Brampton offer 3M wrapping materials that are digitally printable, so you can completely customize your car. Since they come with varying levels of warranty, car window tinting Brampton has you covered on all fronts.


Cuts Glare


Have you ever driven directly into the sun or been blinded by oncoming headlights when driving late at night? Whether it’s the bright days of summer or reflection from wet roads, it’s no secret that blinding glare is a painful distraction for drivers. And a very dangerous one. Car window tinting Brampton will help you cut through the haze when you hit the road. Our 3M window film solution is an ideal solution to combat glare. Window tinting film application allow light through, but prevent reflections that cause eye fatigue, allowing for a much safer driving experience.


Keeps You Cool

Why hassle with a windshield cover every time you get out of the car when you can have window tint that is always intact? Not only will your car be cooler when you leave it parked in the sun, but it can keep you cool while you drive. Blocking damaging rays from the sun, window tinting Brampton use 3M’s color stable automotive film to incorporate a unique process that allows a maximum heat rejection. No need to stress about finding a parking spot in the shade. Our film rejects up to 57% of total solar energy coming through your windows. Preserve the value for your car by investing in car window tinting Brampton. Car window tinting helps protect your upholstery, as well as prevent cracking, fading, and warping of your interior dash.

Blocks UV Rays

Although you need the sun, the release of ultra violet rays can be harmful to your skin, and even more damaging to the car interior. Blinding glare is also a dangerous distraction when you hit the road. Choose car window tinting Brampton. We use the highest quality 3M films to help reject solar energy; that in turn, extends the life of your furnishing and upholstery. Speaking of protection, car window tinting blocks up to 99% of UV rays, keeping you cool and comfortable in the car, so you can be prepared when temperatures rise. No need to blast you’re A/C.

Increases Safety and Security

The only reason thieves want to steel something from your car, is because they already know what is inside it. Dark window tints prevent prying eyes from spotting your valuables, and seeing if your car has a built in alarm. At In N Out car tinting Brampton, our professional fitted film provides better shatter glass protection, that prevent it from breaking into pieces. Now you can have the peace of mind, knowing your car is safer when parked unattended.

Car window tinting not only maintains the appearance of your ride for years to come, but it protects you from harmful UV rays, and your car’s interior while controlling heat for more comfortable driving experience. Turn to the experts at In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Center to help you with all these issues, and more!