Now that the weather has finally started to change for the more pleasant, it’s a great opportunity for you to give your vehicle a thorough spring cleaning. Of course, that means taking it for a professional car wash to get it sparkling clean with absolutely no traces of winter road salt on the outside, underbelly and interior of your vehicle. While treating your car, truck, SUV or van to a luxury car wash after the harsh winter months will make it look better and prevent road salt erosion, it’s also critical to inspect the windshield to see how it fared over the last few months. Chances are, it took a beating from Mother Nature!

Trust the Professionals

Part of car windshield repair Brampton involves a trained professional giving your windscreen a thorough inspection to make sure little chips or cracks get stopped in their tracks before becoming a full-blown, catastrophic event while you’re behind the wheel. They understand that dirt and other debris can get trapped inside the nooks and crannies of a crack or chip, and factor in wind pressure while you are driving, and that can make a small crack a much, much bigger issue to deal with.

During the winter, your car takes a walloping from the elements and the combination of intense and frigid winds, snowfall, ice pellets and road salt and other debris can really do some serious damage on your windscreen. That coupled with the intense ice scraping activities that happen frequently throughout the winter months means that there is a really good chance the windshield on your vehicle is in need of an inspection and quite possibly, a repair.

Stay Safe by Being Proactive

This isn’t just about external aesthetics of your vehicle. This is about maintaining a safe vehicle for driving in all weather conditions. You may have noticed a few little chips and nicks in the windshield lately but figured it wasn’t worth doing much about. That would be incorrect because major cracks and breaks in the windshield almost always stem from seemingly innocuous nicks or chips in the glass. Because of the intense pressure the windscreen is under at all times, those little blemishes can rapidly grow into a major problem.

Avoid Disaster on the Roads

The windscreen on your vehicle is actually a major engineering component that is a major part of maintaining your vehicle’s structural integrity. By design, it’s under an intense amount of pressure because it helps keep the structure of your vehicle intact. If it’s unable to hold the load it is meant to because the glass has become compromised in some way, like cracks, it is far less useful and also unsafe to drive. Imagine being on the highway, driving at over 100 kilometres per hour with a small crack on our windshield. Now imagine the amount of wind force that windscreen is taking head on and imagine a pebble or other debris kicks up from a vehicle in front or beside you and it hits the windshield. It doesn’t take much for a windshield to blow out while you are driving if it was compromised to begin with. Not only is that a terrifying scenario, it’s an incredibly dangerous one that can be easily avoided.

To prevent minor blemishes like nicks and micro cracks from developing into something more serious and costly to fix, make an appointment for windshield repair service Brampton and have one less thing to worry about. It is way quicker and less expensive to have chips fixed than it is to have to have to go in for a full windshield replacement.

Extra Windshield Safety Tips

Treat your vehicle to new windshield wiper blades as well. They took a beating over the harsh winter months and may have sustained some damage from the variable intensity in the weather and also from over zealous ice scrapping, which can be an annoying chore that needs to be done first thing in the freezing morning! Now that the weather has changed and it is milder, a new set of windshield wiper blades is a smart choice because lots of showers are in the forecast and you want to make sure the blades are snug and flush with the windscreen so that they are clearing as much rain out of your view as possible to keep you, your passengers and other motorists and pedestrians safe on the roadways, regardless of how torrential the downpour is.