In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre offers premium car tinting services at affordable prices in the Mississauga area.

In N Out uses only the highest quality window tinting film available in the automotive industry. They use 3M Color Stable Automotive Window Film, which is the most advanced tinting technology on the market. These window films:

Provide optimal heat protection

Reduce glare

Protect against harmful UV rays

Provide privacy

Preserve color without fading

Won’t interfere with electronic signals

Look fantastic and professional

Come with a lifetime warranty

Provide Optimal Heat Protection

Heat protection is a huge advantage of window tinting. This comes in very handy in the sweltering summer months. This heat protection also helps preserve the air conditioning system in your vehicle, because you won’t be needing to constantly crank it to full blast.

Window tinting affords a cooler, more comfortable, stress-free ride.

Reduce Glare

At certain angles, the sun can cause a dangerous glare on a non-tinted windshield. This can cause genuine safety concerns for you and your passengers. Window tinting can remove the threat of the overwhelming glare that could easily result in a collision or accident.


Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can not only cause you physical harm, but they can also damage the interior of your vehicle. UV radiation can have adverse effects on your eyes and skin, and may even lead to cancer. UV rays can also scorch the plastic in the car’s interior, as well as causing the upholstery to fade and lose its color.

Provide Privacy

If security and privacy are important for you, window tinting can be an extremely beneficial feature. It prevents nosy bystanders and other drivers from gawking at your vehicle’s inhabitants. It can also prevent potential thieves from having a look inside your car, scanning for valuables.

Preserve Color Without Fading

3M Color Stable Automotive Window Film maintains its rich coloring without turning purple or fading. Even after hours and hours of exposure, 3M tinting keeps its original color.

Won’t Interfere with Electronic Signal

3M film is made up completely of non-metallic substances which will ensure you will not experience any interference with radio and satellite stations, or any other electronic devices.

Look Fantastic and Professional

The full and rich appearance of 3M window tinting film leaves your car looking stylish and professional. It is comparable to factory tinted glass in its classy appearance.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

3M automotive window films are designed to last, offering a limited lifetime warranty should you experience any issues with your tinting.

Car Tinting Service Mississauga

In N Out offers a few different car tinting options, depending on what you are looking for:

3M Paint Protection Film

3M Window Tinting

3m Vinyl Wrapping

Paint Protection Film is available to protect the finish on your vehicle. This service offers scratch and stain resistance, while preserving the color of the paint job without fading.

Window Tinting protects you and your passengers while preserving the value of your vehicle’s interior.

Vinyl Wrapping is available for those looking for a color or pattern change to the exterior of their vehicle.