Car detailing is beneficial for your automobile, both inside and out. It not only makes your car look nicer and newer, it also helps preserve the value of your vehicle and affords a more comfortable ride.
Car detailing is an incredibly involved process, giving your vehicle a deep and thorough clean. Critical attention to detail is paid to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
Let’s first explore the benefits of detailing for your car’s exterior.

Exterior Detailing Benefits

There are several benefits detailing brings to the outside of your vehicle. Some perks for the exterior are:
Paint protection
Protection from the elements
Better driving vision


The obvious advantage the exterior of your vehicle reaps from a professional detailing is the appearance. That will be the first thing everyone notices, how new and shiny your car looks. This is very important to many people. If making a good impression is significant to you, then car detailing will have the exterior of car looking almost as good as new.
The goal of a good detailer is to attempt to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

Paint Protection

By having your vehicle detailed consistently, you will be taking steps to extend the life of the paint job. Regular polishing and waxing helps protect the paint. The paint is responsible for protecting the metal underneath it. Chips or scratches in the paint can lead to rust and corrosion of your vehicle’s exterior.
Once rust has begun to form, it can spell disaster for your automobile. Car Detailing is an effective preventative measure.

Protection Against the Elements

The paint job is not the only part of your vehicle’s exterior that needs protecting. Driving in Canada’s extreme weather conditions, you can expect your vehicle to be exposed to a wide range of environmental elements.
Salt is a prime example. During Canadian winters roads are covered in salt to make the roads safe for driving. Road salt creeps its way into the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. It embeds itself in the crevasses. It builds in the wheel wells and on the undercarriage of your car.
Once damage like this starts, it is very difficult to reverse the process. This can massively decrease your vehicle’s resale value.
Keep your vehicle protected with regular detailing.

Better Driving Vision

You will gain better and clearer vision while driving after having your car detailed. This can serve to enhance driving safety, both during the day and at night. Detailed glass and windshield cleaning will give you a clear view out the front window.
The detailing process also covers the headlights and tail lights on your car. Over time, dirt and grime can build on your lights, causing a reduction in visibility. This buildup can be especially hazardous at night or during unfavorable weather conditions.


Daily driving causes wear and tear on your car’s tires, even in ideal driving conditions. Oils, solvents, and other chemicals come into contact with your wheels on a regular basis.
Car detailing helps protect your tires against cracking and corrosion.

Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing Benefits

The benefits attained from detailing on the interior of the vehicle may not be as extensive, but they are just as important.
Some interior detailing benefits include:
Odor and stain removal
Surface and upholstery protection
Germ and allergen protection
Retain value

Odor and Stain Removal

The interior of your vehicle is likely covered with a number of different surface materials. These materials can get stained and dirty, even if you are careful to protect them.
Undesirable odors can also linger in your vehicle from spills or contaminants seeping into the surface materials.
Regular detailing can eliminate these stains and odors, helping to protect against future blemishes.

Surface and Upholstery Protection

Expert detailers use superior products and a gentle approach to protect the upholstery and surfaces on your vehicle from the elements.
Using inappropriate with products, with too much force can cause fraying and thinning of the material.

Germ and Allergen Protection

Even you can’t see it with the naked eye, there are millions of germs and possible allergens in your car at any given time. A build up of dirt and debris in the interior of your vehicle can cause these allergens and germs to circulate in your vehicle, exposing you and your passengers to potential illness.

Retain Value

One of the main advantages of interior detailing is the effect it has on resale value. By having your vehicle restored to original state once or twice will help your vehicle retain its value.