Never underestimate the importance keeping your car clean by regularly washing it throughout winter. Don’t just view the three-month season as hiatus from car washing. While it might be easy to dismiss the new extra icy coat the winter adds to your vehicle as just frozen water; it pays to get it off your cars back as soon as soon as it accumulates. Such snow is highly contaminated with salt that presents slow but devastating effects on your ride and mobility. Here are five main reasons you should regularly wash your car throughout winter.


  • It prevents rusting and corrosion of car parts


If science serves you right, you will remember that when metals are exposed to moisture, in this case; wet snow, they are prone to rust. Such a scenario is even worse when salt is added to the equation as it serves as a corrosion catalyst.

Nonetheless, don’t take comfort in the fact that your car is painted and any exposed metal easily covered. What of the car under, that suffers the brunt of splashes and direct contact with roads salt? It needs to be cleaned, and unlike during any other season, the under wash forms a critical and integral part of every winter car wash.


  • It helps maintain originality of a car’s paint


In most cases, car repainting, especially part repaint, is noticeable from a distance and that affects its overall originality. The only other option to maintain this authenticity from which most cars infer their pride from remains in going for the expensive full body repainting.

But you can avoid it all by keeping your car clean throughout winter. Cleaning ensures no salty snow sludge and debris attaching and corrode your car body paint and thus eliminating the costs associated with post-winter repainting and repairs.


  • Prolong life and resale value


The only thing standing between you and unprecedented depletion of vehicles overall is a regular wash. Face it, failure to clean leads to corrosion in almost every part of the car. The under will suffer the blunt of all the corrosion, the salt penetration into your interior will not only deface the floor mats but will also penetrate and eat away the car floor as well. The unsightly paint will then broadcast all. As such, you will incur hefty repair costs and suffer diminished car value; all this for failing to wash your car regularly.


  • Minimizes need for part replacement


Some barely noticeable car parts like the windshield and back window wipers as well as the mud guard plates may be easy to forget but still play a crucial role in your vehicle’s overall efficiency. During car winterization, most professional mechanics, on the assumption you won’t be cleaning your car often, advise you to buy several pairs of wipers.

But you don’t have to if you plan on washing your car regularly this winter. Neither will you need to replace rusty guards as cleaning will have taken care of the salt accumulation.

Bottom line

Regular car wash over winter helps protect your investment. It not only assists maintain its originality but also helps improve its resale value.