Solar Gard is one of the industry leaders in car and window tinting. The tinting products developed by Solar Gard have taken years of research and preparation to determine the best materials and techniques to adopt and practice.

This lengthy development period has brought about superior results in window and car tinting. Advanced technology and the most effective materials available ensure your vehicle will get the best protection possible against the sun’s destructive UV rays.

Solar Gard Automotive Options

There are two main options to consider when looking at the automotive tinting options offered by Solar Gard.

These options are:

  1. Clearshield Pro
  2. Ultra Performance Plus

ClearShield Pro

Clearshield Pro is a car tinting product that focuses on protecting your paint job from outside elements. This product can give drivers peace of mind, not having to worry about chips, scratches, and stains on the vehicle’s exterior.

Clearshield Pro is a durable and transparent film that acts like a coat of armor for your paint job. Think of it as an invisible layer of protection on the paint to guard against bugs, debris, and stones that come into contact with your car while driving.

Clearshield Pro can be applied to the entire exterior of your vehicle, or just the sections you feel need extra protection.

Precision cutting techniques will ensure you get the coverage you need, without sacrificing appearance.

Ultra Performance Plus

Another automotive product available from Solar Gard is Ultra Performance Plus. This product is aimed at protecting the windows and interior of your vehicle rather than the paint job.

It is designed to provide drivers with a more comfortable and cooler ride.

The Ultra Performance Plus 80 is practically invisible, so it won’t negatively alter the appearance of your car. This film blocks over 99% of the harmful UV rays beating down on your vehicle. It also helps cool down the interior of the automobile by as much as 22 degrees Celsius.

Why use Solar Gard tinting to protect your vehicle?

There is an abundance of good reasons to use Solar Gard to add an extra layer of protection to your car.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Driving comfort
  • Energy savings
  • Safer driving
  • UV protection
  • Shatter Protection
  • Customized appearance
  • Enhance privacy
  • Protect your investment

Driving Comfort

Driving Comfort

Improve the driving experience with extra comfort added by Solar Gard protection. It helps cool the interior of your vehicle, allowing for a more comfortable ride in the sweltering summer heat.

Energy Savings

Solar Gard films are designed to reject and absorb about 61% of the sun’s energy that cause the interior of your vehicle to heat up.

This means less air conditioning is needed, bolstering your fuel economy.

Safer Driving

The films created by Solar Gard help reduce the glare of the sun, which in turn increases your visibility on the road, and therefore your safety.

UV Protection

Get the ultimate UV protection with Solar Gard tinting. Solar Gard products block out over 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer with prolonged exposure.

Think of it as putting on sunscreen with an SPF of 285 or higher.

Shatter Protection

Increase safety for you and your passengers with shatter protection. Solar Gard films help hold glass together in case of accident.

Customized Appearance

Solar Gard products are available in a variety of shades and colors. Customize the look of your vehicle with any shade and color you want.

Enhance Privacy

Tinting your windows can help provide an extra element of privacy. It can also prevent potential thieves from seeing inside your car.

Protect Your Investment

Protecting your car’s interior and exterior from sun damage means your vehicle will last longer and hold more of its value.

Where can I get Solar Gard tinting products and services?

If you live in the Brampton, Mississauga, or Toronto area, then the In N Out Car wash and Detailing Centre is a fantastic solution.