Ever since the invention of the first automobile, car owners have been looking for efficient and effective ways to keep their vehicles clean.

Car washing has been a traditional method for keeping your car looking good, performing well, and keeping passengers safe.

The Old Days of the Car Wash

In the beginning, the only real option vehicle owners had to keep their cars clean was a hand wash. Whether you were doing it yourself, or paying someone else to do it, a hand wash was the only choice available.

In the the early days of the car wash, this hand wash method may not have been as effective as the intensive clean of today’s professional car wash, but it was all they had.

The first “automated” car wash involved an assembly line formation and was not really automated at all.

It would work by having a couple of car wash attendants getting behind the car and physically pushing it on the down the assembly line as other attendants did the rinsing, the soaping, and the drying.

Not quite as efficient as the modern-day car wash, but they had to start somewhere!

The Rise of the Automated Car Wash

The first step towards an actual automated car wash came around 1940 when a car wash service installed a winch system which would effectively pull cars through the car wash tunnel.

The winch system was then replaced by a conveyor belt system, which also featured overhead sprinklers and mechanical air dryers.

The process then developed gradually from there, introducing new features and functions until we arrived at the streamlined car wash method we have today.

Compliments to the Automated Car Wash

Moving through the 70s and 80s the majority ofcar wash services became automated, and they started adding other useful services as well.

Car detailing was a popular option that emerged for drivers that wanted to take the cleaning process one step further.

This inspired many car wash operators to convert their car washes to a one-stop automotive service, providing many different aspects of car maintenance and upkeep.

The professional car wash business began to explode as more services were offered, and as drivers began to realize the great value in having a professional automotive technician care for their vehicles.

The Contemporary Car Wash

These days, there are so many professional car washes available in every city, the only problem now is finding the best service for the needs of your automobile.

Automation is the new standard, and most car washes offer a host of services, such as:

  • Full serve car wash
  • Self serve car wash
  • Exterior wash only
  • Exterior and interior cleaning
  • Premium car wash packages

Where can you find a professional car wash service that offers all these great features and functions?

Car Wash Brampton

For an exceptional modern-day car wash centre, with a long history of excellent customer service and satisfaction, the In N Out Car Wash and Car Detailing Centre in Brampton is an intelligent choice.

In N Out Brampton has been providing drivers in Brampton, and all over the GTA, with comprehensive cleanings and detailed automotive care for more than 50 years.

Offering the best in car wash technology for both cleaning products and car wash equipment, you can expect outstanding results with every wash.

Benefits of Car Wash Brampton

Some of the great advantages to taking your car to In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton are:

  • Intensive and comprehensive clean
  • Options for exterior and interior cleaning
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Tried and tested results
  • Options for other types of vehicle maintenance
  • Improved performance
  • Preserved value of your vehicle