Car washes are very useful for your vehicle all year round. It’s tempting to just leave car washes for the summer and the warmer months, but it is not the best approach for your car.

The fact is that your car needs to be cleaned in every season in order to keep dirt, grime, and salt from accumulating on your vehicle. Winter is the worst season if you think about it. All that road salt and slush that gets all over the undercarriage and in the cracks of your vehicle. That is the type of thing that can cause rust and corrosion, and other types of damage to your beloved automobile.

Well, you are probably not interested in getting out in the driveway and washing your own car in the dead of winter. It is just not practical or at all enjoyable.

The good news is that you can take your car to a car wash professional for an affordable fee and impressive results.

There is always the worry about the water freezing when washing your car in sub-zero temperatures. A professional car wash uses specially formulated cleaning products to prevent freezing in these ice-cold temps.

The next step is finding a reliable place to take your vehicle for a good winter cleaning.

Car Wash Brampton

An admirable choice for professional car wash services in Brampton and the neighboring GTA area, is the In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre.

Voted as Brampton’s best car wash for more than 20 years in a row by the Guardian Reader’s Choice Award, you know you are in for impeccable service and satisfying outcomes.

At In N Out Brampton you will have the choice between a full serve and a self serve car wash. Whatever your choice, you will be treating your vehicle to top of the line cleaning products and equipment.

All cleaning products are good for your car as well as the environment.

Specialized Winter Cleaning Products

The expert car wash technicians at In N Out use a variety of specifically designed cleaning products that stand up to freezing temperatures.

Some of these specialized products include:

  • Anti-freeze cleaning detergent
  • Winter De-salter
  • Enhanced car wash foam for cold weather

Anti-Freeze Cleaning Detergent

If you are not using the right detergent when washing your car in the winter, you run the risk of a frozen cleaning brush which can damage your vehicle’s finish and scratch the paint.

In N Out Brampton uses a special anti-freeze detergent that keeps the cleaning brush and the water coming out of it from freezing.

This distinctive detergent helps keep the brush malleable and spongy, even in the coldest winter weather. The results are an intensive clean and no damage to the car’s finish.

Winter De-Salter

Road salt is a very serious concern for winter drivers in Ontario. If you drive regularly in Ontario during the winter, then your car is pretty much guaranteed to be exposed to road salt on a consistent basis.

If not properly cleaned, road salt can get lodged in cracks and begin to form rust and corrosion.

As salt accumulates on your vehicle, it attracts more moisture, which is the perfect recipe for rust formation.

The experts at In N Out use a specialized de-salter to eradicate salt and any build-up of calcium deposits. It is ideal for neutralizing the harmful effects of road salt on the metal components of your vehicle.

The salt that trucks often put down on the road in the winter typically contain a mixture of chemicals that can also cause damage if not cleaned off. The de-salting solution used at In N Out negates any harmful effects these chemicals may have.

Enhanced Car Wash Foam

Specialized wash foam can be used to prevent freezing, making it easier to rinse off and it is better for your car. Winter washing foam contains methanol that helps to build a rich foam that is easy to rinse, even in freezing temperatures.