Sometimes your vehicle could simply benefit from a good car wash, to spruce it up a bit and maybe give it an overall shine.

But what about when your car is filthy?

If your vehicle has been neglected for a while, and is starting to look grungy to the point of obscene, then more drastic measures will likely need to be taken.

That is where car detailing comes in.

So, how does auto detailing differ from a car wash?

The aim of both tasks is to make your vehicle cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable to drive.

The main difference between the two is the level of care and attention that will be afforded to your vehicle.

Auto detailing offers a much more thorough and comprehensive cleaning than a regular car wash.

What is involved in car detailing?

Car detailing typically involves an intensive and rigorous process to pore over every inch of your vehicle in attempt to restore it to its original state.

As you can probably imagine, effective auto detailing requires the proper tools, techniques, knowledge, and time.

Auto Detailing Features

Every expert car detailier has their own approach, but the results and services offered are often quite similar.

Some key features of a complete car detailing, might include:

  • Vacuuming
    • Entire interior of vehicle, including trunk
  • Shampooing
    • Floors, carpets, mats, seats, upholstery
  • Upholstery treatment
    • Leather, fabrics, surfaces
  • Wheels and tires
    • Cleaning and dressing
  • Window and glass treatment
  • Headlight care and restoration
  • Engine inspection and cleaning
  • Polish and hand wax for entire exterior

Why choose detailing over a car wash?

If you care about the performance and sustained value of your vehicle, then regular car detailing can help make your vehicle run more efficiently and last longer.

Auto Detailing Advantage

Some of the main benefits of car detailing, include:

  • Scrutinous detail
  • Health and safety
  • Save time and money
  • Good value
  • Longevity

Scrutinous Detail

There are likely hidden areas throughout your vehicle, unseen to the human eye, that are caked with an accumulation of built up dirt and grime.

An expert auto detailer will seek out these problematic areas and eradicate them.

A methodical and organized approach, plus the appropriate tools and cleaning products, can often result in the transformation from filthy to gleaming.

To do the same on your own would take a shocking amount of time and money.

Health and Safety

Do you know how many potentially harmful organisms are roaming around your car right now? The answer is a lot.

A build up of bacteria, allergens, germs, dust mites and even mold are accumulating in the interior of your vehicle constantly.

Regular auto detailing will remove these irritants, decreasing your risk of illness and respiratory disease.

Save Time and Money

There is no question that employing the services of a professional auto detailer will save you a huge amount of time in getting your car immaculately clean.

Car detailing can also save you money.

First of all, to do it yourself you would have to go out and buy all the required tools and cleaning products.

Secondly, a thorough cleaning of your car, including the engine, will improve gas mileage, resulting in further savings.

Good Value

Auto detailing is a sound investment. You are getting good value for your money. Whatever upfront fees you need to pay for, will come back to you ten-fold, by limiting the need for expensive repairs and getting a much better price when it comes time to sell.


Every time you have to purchase a new vehicle it takes a lot of your time and money. Regular expert car detailing means that you will have to buy a new vehicle much less frequently.

Looking to run your car for as long as it goes? Auto detailing will increase the life of your vehicle.