Having a good vehicle maintenance regime may occasionally seem time consuming but it’s worth the time and effort because your vehicle is an expensive machine that needs regular tending to. Neglecting your vehicle or cutting corners on maintenance and cleaning can actually cost you more money in the long run. The better you are to your vehicle, the better it will be to you! We’re also coming off an unusually hot and humid summer and while last winter wasn’t too bad, forecasters are predicting an ice cold and snowy winter for us here in Ontario. So here are some helpful hints on how to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently – and also looking good – regardless of the weather coming our way in the months ahead.

Luxury Car Wash

The general rule for getting a car wash is whenever your vehicle is dirty. But it is also a good idea to treat your vehicle to a premium car wash treatment when the seasons change because the weather fluctuations can because more wear on your vehicle’s exterior. As for the inside, schedule an interior detailing job by the professionals. They will vacuum and clean the upholstery and surfaces of your vehicle with the right cleaning products and prep them for the cold winter months ahead with the application of solutions that can protect the many surfaces of your vehicle from the elements.

Windshield Check Up and Repair

Did you know that in the cases of extreme weather, stress cracks can form on your windshield? With brutally cold temperatures expected in the months ahead, now is a good time to make sure you get any minor chips or cracks on your windscreen repaired before the weather gets really bad or you could be in for a major problem. Little cracks and chips in your windshield are quite easy and inexpensive to repair and they can be done in minutes. But if they aren’t addressed immediately, they could lead to bigger fractures in the glass, especially under harsh winter conditions and that could mean you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars more for a full windshield replacement. It’s vital that your windshield is at full strength because it is a major structural support mechanism for your entire vehicle. Considering the harsh, frigid winds and heavy snow that piles-up on your car during the winter, getting on top of your windshield repair issues is the safe thing to do for you and your passengers.

Also make sure your vehicle’s windshield wipers are ready. Check to make sure they’re free from squeaks and don’t leave any streaks since they’ll be busy flicking lots of fallen red, orange and yellow leaves and cold autumn rain out of your view. It’s also important to make sure the wiper blades aren’t eroded in any way and the rubber is in good shape to take on the tough environmental conditions ahead: snow, freezing rain, ice pellets and harsh arctic winds.

Oil Change and Antifreeze Check

Weather changes can also affect the quality of the fluids in your vehicle. Contamination, condensation and dilution are all issues to watch out for. A good rule of thumb is to have an oil change and inspection at least twice a year. And you’ll definitely want to make sure there’s plenty of antifreeze on hand.

Tire Care

When there are fluctuations in the temperature that can cause the air pressure in your tires to change. Check the air pressure on your current tires and switch them out for a new set if they’re starting to look worn. Tough winter weather conditions in all over the GTA, including Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Toronto, Vaughan and Caledon are also expected to begin earlier than normal so be mindful that you may have to get your winter tires installed sooner than you are used to.

Heaters and Defrosters

You definitely want to make sure your vehicle’s heating system is in top notch shape, especially if you head to work early in the morning! We know your vehicle’s air conditioning system got a great workout over the past summer months and now it is time for the heater to step in for the comfort of you and your passengers. Making sure the defroster is working is also so important because fall frosts can come out of nowhere and if your system isn’t working properly, you can end up being late for work because you can’t see out of your windshield.