The past 30 years or so, our society has made some strides in becoming more aware of how our behaviours impact on the environment. There are a lot of conveniences we enjoy and over time and with the help of technological advancements, we have come to realize where alterations can be made in relation to our way of life to create less damage to our surroundings. Automated car washes are no exception as industry research, regulations and standards have moved forward over the years to better reflect a sincere appreciation of doing what they can to reduce the strain on our natural resources. Drivers across the GTA from Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and Toronto can rest assured that getting your vehicle cleaned up at the car wash is better for the environment than doing it at home and here’s why:


Industry Commitment to Water Conservation

Over the years, automated car wash operators have dramatically cut back on the amount of water they use per average car wash by making adjustments to the equipment needed to clean your vehicle. These alterations include decreasing the size of spray nozzles, lowering the water pressure and being more diligent with leak detection within their machinery and repairing issues immediately.


According to the Canadian Carwash Association, if you were to give your car a wash by hand on the sidewalk or in the driveway using the old fashioned hose and bucket technique, you would use on average, 450 litres of water or more on that one car wash. In fact, running your garden hose for five minutes could use over 221 litres of water. Compare those numbers to the industry target for computer operated car washes of 150 litres of water used per average vehicle wash and it is two thirds less water wasted. Two thirds! To put that into even better perspective for you, an average shower with a low flow shower head uses about 10 litres of water per minute and an average bath uses up anywhere from 115 to 190 litres of water. In fact, the most water efficient car wash systems uses less water than what a typical home washing machine requires to get your clothes clean.


Industry Commitment to Protecting the Water Supply

Along with curtailing the amount of water used per car wash, the industry is also cognizant of what happens to the water after it has been used in the cleaning process. When you hand wash your vehicle in the driveway, the soap you’re using, even the ones labelled environmentally friendly, still go down the storm drains and make their way untreated, to local streams, rivers and lakes. And don’t forget to factor in the build-up of other contaminants like dirt laced with oil, grease, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals picked up in the tires and wheel wells during routine driving. That too all gets washed down the drain and flushed into local waterways.


At a professional, automated car wash, many of them have installed water reclamation systems to prevent water waste and interceptor drains are also used to help catch the contaminants in the water post-cleaning. Unlike with a sidewalk or driveway wash at home, all the post wash water at an automated centre is flushed into the sanitary water system which means it goes off to a treatment plant to remove pollutants before it gets sent back into the local water system.


Industry Commitment to Energy Efficient Operations

The car wash industry is a highly regulated one with good reason. Along with water conservation and water treatment and care, energy inefficiencies have also been addressed over the years and you’ll find the evolution of LED technology has also made its way into automated car wash operations. LED light bulbs, fixtures and circuit boards have been installed. Even research on where lighting sources should be placed within the car wash tunnel have been planned to make for a more efficient operation.


Safer for your Vehicle’s Finish

Several studies done over the past few decades in Europe and North America have shown that it is better for your vehicle’s paint and finish to avoid hand washing the car in the driveway or on the street and going to an automated car wash. Because of technological advancements in soft foam cleaners, there is less likelihood of your vehicle sustaining damage to the finish from abrasives in the cleaning device or from dirt particles clinging to i

The Development of the Professional Car Wash

The Development of the Professional Car Wash

Ever since the invention of the first automobile, car owners have been looking for efficient and effective ways to keep their vehicles clean.

Car washing has been a traditional method for keeping your car looking good, performing well, and keeping passengers safe.

The Old Days of the Car Wash

In the beginning, the only real option vehicle owners had to keep their cars clean was a hand wash. Whether you were doing it yourself, or paying someone else to do it, a hand wash was the only choice available.

In the the early days of the car wash, this hand wash method may not have been as effective as the intensive clean of today’s professional car wash, but it was all they had.

The first “automated” car wash involved an assembly line formation and was not really automated at all.

It would work by having a couple of car wash attendants getting behind the car and physically pushing it on the down the assembly line as other attendants did the rinsing, the soaping, and the drying.

Not quite as efficient as the modern-day car wash, but they had to start somewhere!

The Rise of the Automated Car Wash

The first step towards an actual automated car wash came around 1940 when a car wash service installed a winch system which would effectively pull cars through the car wash tunnel.

The winch system was then replaced by a conveyor belt system, which also featured overhead sprinklers and mechanical air dryers.

The process then developed gradually from there, introducing new features and functions until we arrived at the streamlined car wash method we have today.

Compliments to the Automated Car Wash

Moving through the 70s and 80s the majority ofcar wash services became automated, and they started adding other useful services as well.

Car detailing was a popular option that emerged for drivers that wanted to take the cleaning process one step further.

This inspired many car wash operators to convert their car washes to a one-stop automotive service, providing many different aspects of car maintenance and upkeep.

The professional car wash business began to explode as more services were offered, and as drivers began to realize the great value in having a professional automotive technician care for their vehicles.

The Contemporary Car Wash

These days, there are so many professional car washes available in every city, the only problem now is finding the best service for the needs of your automobile.

Automation is the new standard, and most car washes offer a host of services, such as:

  • Full serve car wash
  • Self serve car wash
  • Exterior wash only
  • Exterior and interior cleaning
  • Premium car wash packages

Where can you find a professional car wash service that offers all these great features and functions?

Car Wash Brampton

For an exceptional modern-day car wash centre, with a long history of excellent customer service and satisfaction, the In N Out Car Wash and Car Detailing Centre in Brampton is an intelligent choice.

In N Out Brampton has been providing drivers in Brampton, and all over the GTA, with comprehensive cleanings and detailed automotive care for more than 50 years.

Offering the best in car wash technology for both cleaning products and car wash equipment, you can expect outstanding results with every wash.

Benefits of Car Wash Brampton

Some of the great advantages to taking your car to In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton are:

  • Intensive and comprehensive clean
  • Options for exterior and interior cleaning
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Tried and tested results
  • Options for other types of vehicle maintenance
  • Improved performance
  • Preserved value of your vehicle


Car Wash Quality at In N Out Brampton

Car Wash Quality at In N Out Brampton

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality possible for your money.

One aspect of caring for your vehicle, that is required on a regular basis, is cleaning it. Keeping your vehicle clean is important for things like:

  • Performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Resale value

These are just a few good reasons to have your vehicle cleaned by a top-quality professional.

A professional car wash will be of higher quality than you would be able to replicate on your own for many reasons.

Some of the factors that make a professional car wash of higher quality are:

  • Experience
  • Cleaning products
  • Car wash equipment
  • Process
  • Expertise

Car Wash Brampton

For vehicle owners in Brampton and the GTA area, there is a superior car wash option that delivers top quality service and results every time.

The In N Out Car Wash and Car Detailing Centre in Brampton has been performing exceptional car cleaning and vehicle maintenance for more than 50 years.

That type of experience tells you about a tried and true system that brings remarkable results again, and again.

What is Car Wash Quality?

Car wash quality depends on a number of factors that car professionals take into consideration, but the average vehicle owner probably does not.

A quality car wash needs the right:

  • Chemicals
  • Pressure
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Water quality


The types of chemicals found in the cleaning products you use will play a role in car wash quality.

The PH balance of your cleaning products is important to do the job right. Alkaline chemicals are needed to remove tough stains, while acidic chemicals are required to balance out the PH to prevent uneven drying and streaking.


The right amount of friction and pressure is also crucial for a quality car wash. Friction is needed to scour dirt away from those hard to reach areas, while water pressure is needed to rinse away the debris.

You need enough friction to scrub away grime, but not too much pressure or it will damage the finish.


Time is also a critical factor when it comes to a quality car wash. For each stage of the car wash process, a timer is set to provide optimal results for each job.

For example, the vehicle requires enough pre-soak time before moving onto the cleaning stage. Also, if the cleaning products are rinsed off prematurely, the quality of the wash will be affected.


Just as a certain amount of time is needed for each stage of the car wash, a specific temperature is also required.

During the pre-soak stage, hot temperatures are appropriate for loosening dirt and grease stains, while a cooler temperature can be used during the rinse stage to bring down costs.

After the rinse, heat blowers will then be prescribed for the drying stage to provide an even finish.

Water Quality

Water quality is another important element of a good car wash. You want to avoid using hard water to wash your vehicle because you won’t be able to get a good lather going, and it can leave behind unattractive streaks and spots.

The In N Out Car Wash in Brampton uses high quality, soft water for cleaning your vehicle.

This high-quality water is easy on your car’s finish, and will rinse off leaving a spotless shine on the exterior.

Visit In N Out Brampton today for a high-quality car wash! No appointment necessary.

Why Wash Your Car in the Winter?

Why Wash Your Car in the Winter?

A lot of vehicle owners don’t consider the importance of washing their vehicles in the winter. Many drivers think of a car wash as a summer event, getting outside while the weather is nice.

However, winter car washes are equally as important for the protection of your vehicle, if not more so.

When you think about the amount of slush and salt you drive through during the winter, it is easy to imagine all the dirt and grime that gets stuck in all the hard to reach crevasses of your car.

The worst offender is the road salt. When road salt gets ingrained in all the nooks and crannies of your car, it can reap disaster.

Salt accelerates the rusting process. Rust is caused when metal is exposed to the combination of oxygen and water for an extended period of time. Salt speeds up the development of rust because the electrons that the trigger the rust can flow more freely in salt water.

So, how can you remove all this ruinous salt from your vehicle?

The most effective way to get rid of rust forming salt residue is an intensive and thorough car wash.

Car Wash Brampton

For drivers in the Brampton, Mississauga and greater Toronto area, the In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton is an ideal solution.

The expert automotive technicians at In N Out Car Wash have been providing top quality vehicle maintenance to car owners for more than 50 years.

This proven track record ensures that you will get the same excellent service every time, always yielding satisfying and impressive results.

Why go to In N Out for the Best Car Wash in Brampton?

There are several compelling reasons to choose In N Out Brampton for all your winter car washing needs.

Some of the best advantages are:

  • Facilities
  • Professional service
  • Attention to detail
  • Interior cleaning
  • Full serve or self serve


Maybe the best reason to go to In N Out for a car wash in Brampton is the facilities provided. Your car will be washed in an enclosed area, protected from the winter elements.

You probably don’t want to wash your car out on your open driveway in freezing weather and harsh winds.

Plus, all the equipment and cleaning supplies are already set up and ready for use to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Professional Service

The staff at In N Out have performed thousands of quality car washes over the years. This experience means they have a tried and tested method that you would be hard pressed to duplicate on your own.

Save time, effort, and even money by leaving it in the hands of a professional.

Attention to Detail

In N Out car wash technicians know exactly where dirt and salt like to hide and will be sure to eradicate any trace that could lead to rust and corrosion.

Special attention will be paid to the wheel wells and undercarriage to keep your vehicle protected.

Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning is also available with some of the car wash packages offered at In N Out.

The winter is the worst time for your car’s interior because you are likely tracking all kinds of salt and dirt into your vehicle from your winter boots.

Premium Car Wash and The Works Wash packages include interior vacuuming to keep the inside of your car tidy.

Full Serve or Self Serve

You will have the ability to choose full serve or self serve options for your car wash in Brampton at In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre.

Either way, you will have access to all the equipment and cleaning materials you need in a convenient car wash facility.


Protect the Environment with an Automatic Car Wash

Protect the Environment with an Automatic Car Wash

It is becoming more and more important to protect the environment any way we can. One way to do your part is using an automated car wash.

Our daily actions can either have a positive or negative effect on our surroundings, depending on the decisions we make and the way we choose to live our lives.

Today’s society seems to be largely based on convenience and comfort. No one wants to do something the hard way if there is an easier option available.

Well, an automated car wash manages to combine results with convenience.

Reducing Environmental Damage

Standards and regulations in the car wash industry have led to improvements in sanitation and a reduction in the damage done to Ontario’s natural resources.

These changes indicate a genuine interest in the industry’s efforts to help cleanup the environment, while reducing waste and contamination.

In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre Brampton

A great choice for an environmentally friendly car wash option for drivers in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and Vaughan can be found at the In N Out Car Wash and Car Detailing Centre in Brampton.

With over 50 years experience in the industry, In N Out provides the same outstanding service and results every time.

Environmentally Friendly Car Wash

Some of the ways In N Out offers a great car wash that is easy on the environment, and your vehicle are:

  • Water conservation
  • Water supply protection
  • Efficient operations
  • Safer finish

Water Conservation

Automated car wash services and operators have seriously reduced water usage per wash over the last several years. In N Out is no exception.

These changes have come about by altering equipment like:

  • Smaller spray nozzles
  • Less water-pressure
  • More effective leak detection
  • More diligent machinery repair

If you were to wash your car at home instead of going to an automated car wash, it is estimated you will use about 3 times the amount of water. That’s right 3 times more! That is a considerable difference.

Water Supply Protection

Aside from the amount of water being used, there is also a big concern about what happens to the water after it cleans your car.

For example, if you wash your car at home, the water that runs off goes directly into the public water system. This includes all the soap and cleaning products you used as well. Even if these products are environmentally sound, they still get into local rivers and lakes.

In addition to cleaning products, run off also contains all the dirt from your car which includes oil, grease and other contaminants.

An automated system will collect this water waste and send it to a treatment plant for purification before it is reintroduced to the local water supply.

Efficient Operations

Along with a more efficiently run system, industry regulations have also led to the implementation of LED technology. This means more efficient electrical operations as well.

Safer Finish

Not only are automated car washes better for the environment, they are also better for your car.

More effective cleaning products, that are safer for your car and the paint job, means the finish will last longer on your vehicle.

When handwashing your car at home, you will not have access to the same professional cleaning products and equipment.

Why is an Automatic Car Wash the Best Choice?

Why is an Automatic Car Wash the Best Choice?

If you live in the GTA, you are likely very aware of how important automobiles are to people. They’re everywhere. They come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of maintenance. Some of the more well-kept vehicles are very appealing to look at, while the one’s that have been neglected are easy to spot and not overly attractive.

Anywhere you look, whether it be Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Georgetown, or Vaughan, the road is covered with thousands of cars. To keep these cars looking good, some regular maintenance is required. This can be taken care of at the In n Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton.

One of the best ways to preserve the exterior appearance is through consistent car washes. With considerable advancements in technology, keeping your car clean no longer has to be an expensive or time-consuming affair.

The automatic car wash system was introduced in North America in 1946. Not only is an automatic wash extremely convenient, it is also effective.

Technological Improvements

Many drivers on the road today still associate automatic car washes with the technology that came out in the 70s. Those systems featured some fairly abrasive bristle brushes and less delicate cleaning products.

Automatic car wash technology has come a long way since then. Soft-foam technology, and brushes that don’t collect dirt and debris, ensure that your paint job will remain intact, scratch-free. The cleaning solutions used today are also much more friendly to your vehicle, as well as the environment.

Empirical Evidence

A lot of scientific research has gone into making automatic car washes more effective. Studies show that vast improvements have been made in the last few decades to the automated cleaning process.

These studies have concluded that an at home DIY car wash is more harmful to your car and the environment. Less effective cleaning products and uneven water pressure will end up causing more damage. Plus, the run off flows back into the local water supply with all the cleaning chemicals in it.

Environmental Protection

An automated car wash is much more environmentally friendly than a home wash for two main reasons:

  • Water usage
  • Waste run off

Water Usage

Washing your car at home will use much more water than an automated system. Not only does so much water get wasted during a home wash, but it also increases your water bill.

An automated car wash uses a water reclamation system to regulate the amount of water being used for each wash.

Waste Run Off

The second issue is the waste run off produced during a home wash. All the water used during a home wash will flow back into the public water systems. This includes all the chemicals and contaminants found in the cleaning products you used.

An automated car wash will collect all the water run off and send it out for treatment, or will purify the water before returning it to the local system.

There are several environmental groups that actively lobby for people to use automated car washes instead of doing it at home, because of the environmental protect it provides.

Easy Access

Automated car washes are easy and convenient to use for everybody. They require no physical labor or skill of any kind to operate.

Conversely, a DIY car wash can be physical demanding, time consuming, and costly.

Finish it Off with a Human Touch

At the In N Out Car Wash in Brampton, you will have the option to finish off your automated wash with a personal touch. A hand wax and polish is available to remove spots and provide an extra layer of shine!

Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

Spring tends to be the time that most people feel their homes deserve a good cleaning. Well, spring is also an ideal time to clean your car!

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year for driving. Trees and flowers are in full bloom, and everything in nature is becoming more vibrant and active.

Of course, drivers want to take advantage of this time of year to go exploring or to head to their favorite scenic spots. But, how is your vehicle holding up after a long winter season? It most likely could use a little maintenance before heading into the summer season.

Since the spring is such a good time to get your home ready for summer, why not your vehicle too?

Getting Started

Figuring out the best place to start is often one of the most difficult aspects of any project. Indecision can lead to inactivity, meaning nothing gets done. If no action ever gets taken, then it is detrimental for both your vehicle and you as the owner.

To keep things simple, let’s start with a basic car wash to get things rolling.

A spring car wash can be more important than you might imagine for your vehicle. During the winter, all the road salt that your vehicle was exposed to is likely hiding out in all the nooks and crannies of your car waiting for an ideal time to form rust.

In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre

A great place to take you car to clean of the grime of winter, and get ready for the summer season, is at In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton.

In N Out has been serving car owners in the Brampton and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

Car Wash Services

There are several car wash options available at In N Out Brampton. Whether you are looking for a basic wash, premium service, or a full-on auto detailing, In N Out has you covered.

The computer controlled soft foam wash system will rid your car of any caked-on dirt, salt, and residue from the winter. Not only will it do an excellent job of cleaning your car, it is also friendly to the environment.

A fresh water rinse removes all the filth and debris from the body and undercarriage of your vehicle. These are the critical areas, that when neglected can form rust and corrosion.

A hand-dried finish will get rid of spots and streaks, leaving your car looking shiny and new.

Take one step further with a Triple Poly Shine Wax for an extra layer of protection and sparkle.

Auto Detailing

If you want to treat your car to the ultimate cleaning and protection, car detailing services are what you are looking for.

Auto detailing takes cleaning to a new level, providing an intensive and thorough cleaning for every inch of your car, both inside and out.

The auto detailing technicians at In N Out have a wealth of experience detailing all different makes and models of vehicles. Using a time-tested approach, and nothing but the best cleaning products and equipment, your car will come out looking it did when you first bought it.

Detailing Services

Car detailing involves a comprehensive cleaning of your entire vehicle. This can include:

  • Meticulous vacuuming of carpeting and upholstery
  • Complete interior shampoo
  • Leather treatment
  • Fabric protection
  • Hand wax
  • Headlight restoration
  • Glass treatment

Come in to In Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre today to treat your vehicle right!

Solar Gard Car Tinting to Protect Your Vehicle

Solar Gard Car Tinting to Protect Your Vehicle

Solar Gard is one of the industry leaders in car and window tinting. The tinting products developed by Solar Gard have taken years of research and preparation to determine the best materials and techniques to adopt and practice.

This lengthy development period has brought about superior results in window and car tinting. Advanced technology and the most effective materials available ensure your vehicle will get the best protection possible against the sun’s destructive UV rays.

Solar Gard Automotive Options

There are two main options to consider when looking at the automotive tinting options offered by Solar Gard.

These options are:

  1. Clearshield Pro
  2. Ultra Performance Plus

ClearShield Pro

Clearshield Pro is a car tinting product that focuses on protecting your paint job from outside elements. This product can give drivers peace of mind, not having to worry about chips, scratches, and stains on the vehicle’s exterior.

Clearshield Pro is a durable and transparent film that acts like a coat of armor for your paint job. Think of it as an invisible layer of protection on the paint to guard against bugs, debris, and stones that come into contact with your car while driving.

Clearshield Pro can be applied to the entire exterior of your vehicle, or just the sections you feel need extra protection.

Precision cutting techniques will ensure you get the coverage you need, without sacrificing appearance.

Ultra Performance Plus

Another automotive product available from Solar Gard is Ultra Performance Plus. This product is aimed at protecting the windows and interior of your vehicle rather than the paint job.

It is designed to provide drivers with a more comfortable and cooler ride.

The Ultra Performance Plus 80 is practically invisible, so it won’t negatively alter the appearance of your car. This film blocks over 99% of the harmful UV rays beating down on your vehicle. It also helps cool down the interior of the automobile by as much as 22 degrees Celsius.

Why use Solar Gard tinting to protect your vehicle?

There is an abundance of good reasons to use Solar Gard to add an extra layer of protection to your car.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Driving comfort
  • Energy savings
  • Safer driving
  • UV protection
  • Shatter Protection
  • Customized appearance
  • Enhance privacy
  • Protect your investment

Driving Comfort

Driving Comfort

Improve the driving experience with extra comfort added by Solar Gard protection. It helps cool the interior of your vehicle, allowing for a more comfortable ride in the sweltering summer heat.

Energy Savings

Solar Gard films are designed to reject and absorb about 61% of the sun’s energy that cause the interior of your vehicle to heat up.

This means less air conditioning is needed, bolstering your fuel economy.

Safer Driving

The films created by Solar Gard help reduce the glare of the sun, which in turn increases your visibility on the road, and therefore your safety.

UV Protection

Get the ultimate UV protection with Solar Gard tinting. Solar Gard products block out over 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer with prolonged exposure.

Think of it as putting on sunscreen with an SPF of 285 or higher.

Shatter Protection

Increase safety for you and your passengers with shatter protection. Solar Gard films help hold glass together in case of accident.

Customized Appearance

Solar Gard products are available in a variety of shades and colors. Customize the look of your vehicle with any shade and color you want.

Enhance Privacy

Tinting your windows can help provide an extra element of privacy. It can also prevent potential thieves from seeing inside your car.

Protect Your Investment

Protecting your car’s interior and exterior from sun damage means your vehicle will last longer and hold more of its value.

Where can I get Solar Gard tinting products and services?

If you live in the Brampton, Mississauga, or Toronto area, then the In N Out Car wash and Detailing Centre is a fantastic solution.

Rust Check Effective for New Vehicles as Well as Old

Rust Check Effective for New Vehicles as Well as Old

One of the many advantages to using Rust Check services to rust proof your vehicle, is the impressive versatility it offers.

The Rust Check method can be applied to almost any vehicle, regardless of its age. Most rust proofing products and services are either applicable to new vehicles or used vehicles, but usually not both.

For example, if you are using a sealant to protect your car from rust, it can be an effective method if the vehicle is new. Using an undercarriage sealant on a used vehicle will trap any existing rust inside, and will actually accelerate the rusting process rather than fixing the problem.

Rust Check solves this issue by penetrating deep into all of the crevasses and hard to reach areas in the body, undercarriage, and panels of your automobile.

On the other hand, if it is a used vehicle you are looking to protect, Rust Check services are also an ideal pick. Expert technicians can do everything possible to contain the existing rust, and prepare the vehicle for rust treatment.

Although Rust Check spray does not reverse existing damage done by rust, since that is not possible, it does an excellent job of minimizing the damage and halting its progression.

Rust Check Services

Rust Check Services for a New Vehicle

When buying a new vehicle, most people neglect to think about rust protection because they assume it is included in the purchase of a new car. This is not always the case. Even if it is, the rust proofing that has been applied to your car may not be of the highest quality, or very effective for that matter.

Rust Check services can be very beneficial to a new automobile for many reasons, such as:

  • Take a proactive approach
  • Protect against severe conditions
  • Protect the integrity of the frame
  • Some new car materials are susceptible to rust

Take a Proactive Approach

When considering rust protection, prevention is the smartest and safest measure. Think about it this way, to protect your skin from the harsh sun, you put on sunscreen before you go outside, right?

You don’t try to prevent a sunburn after the fact. The same holds true for rust. Rust and corrosion is an irreversible process. Once rust has eaten away at the metal components of your car, there is no way to erase that damage.

For ultimate rust protection, it is highly recommended to take care of it right from the start.

Protect Against Severe Conditions

This is a very important factor for all of us living in Canada. Canada is the home of extreme weather conditions. Your car is continually assaulted with snow, ice, salt, and sand during the winter. Salt creeps into all the exposed cracks of unprotected vehicle and waits there for the warmth of spring to activate.

Plus, a lot of manufacturer guarantees do not include environmental damage caused by salt and acid rain. Rust Check warranties do cover these environmental factors.

Protect the Integrity of the Frame

The frame and body of your vehicle need to remain strong and maintain their structural integrity in order to keep passengers safe. Rust and corrosion can compromise the cohesion and stability of the car’s structure, endangering passenger safety.

New Car Materials

Some materials used to make cars these days are lighter and less sturdy, in order to improve gas mileage and performance.

For example, galvanizing a vehicle can help it last longer. Galvanizing is when a zinc coating is added to steel to make it stronger. The downside is that galvanized frames are more susceptible to rust and corrosion. Rut Check can help provide extra protection.

Aluminum is also vulnerable to corrosion, and can be protected with Rust Check services.

Rust Check Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto

An excellent Rust Check service provider for drivers in the Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto area is the IN N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton.

Optimal Automotive Performance with Valvoline Oil

Optimal Automotive Performance with Valvoline Oil

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your vehicle, is having the oil changed on a regular basis.

Since oil is the life blood of your car, it counts on clean oil for optimal performance. That is why it is essential to consider what type of oil you are putting in your vehicle. Not only does it matter how often your oil gets changed, by also whether you are using the most effective oil for your automobile.

Valvoline Motor Oil

Valvoline motor oil has been around for over 150 years! Since its conception all those years ago, the experts at Valvoline have been constantly revising and reinventing this remarkable product ever since.

A wide variety of different types of oil are offered to suit your specific automotive needs.

It can be difficult to determine the effects your oil is having on your vehicle through observation alone. It’s not a like a car wash, where the results are apparent and very easy to see and assess.

Fortunately, there are people that can do that for you. The expert technicians at In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton are familiar with all the Valvoline products available and can recommend the most effective oil for you.

Oil Change Brampton

Valvoline Oil Change Brampton

If you are looking for an oil change, advice on the right type of oil, or any other type of automotive maintenance, then In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre is a perfect one stop shop.

Oil needs to be changed consistently to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Over time, oil gets dirty and no longer provides the necessary lubrication for your engine. When this happens, it can result in serious damage to your car and a serious mechanic bill.

At In N Out, you will get a full vehicle inspection with your oil change when you select the Signature Service Oil Change, which includes:

  • Oil change using quality motor oil
  • Changing of old filters
  • Fluid and coolant checks
  • A 21-point inspection to ensure there are no issues with your vehicle
  • Inspection points include tires, windows, battery, windows, belts, chassis, wipers, lights, air filtration system, etc.

Valvoline Products

There are several different Valvoline products to choose from, but the goal is the same with all products. The aim is to achieve maximum performance and protection for your vehicle.

Some products to choose from are:

  • Premium Conventional Oil
  • DuraBlend Oil
  • MaxLife Oil
  • SynPower Oil
  • Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology Oil

Premium Conventional Oil

This is a conventional oil that is taken from the ground and refined. It is designed to provide drivers with basic, fundamental protection.

DuraBlend Oil

The next on the list is a synthetic blend, which will provide your car with both conventional and synthetic oil protection.

DuraBlend is ideal for severe driving conditions.

MaxLife Oil

This product is designed to provide extra protection for older, used vehicles. It is recommended for automobiles with over 75,000 kms on them. It helps provide extra protection against engine breakdown.

SynPower Oil

This is a fully synthetic oil which is designed to provide cars with optimal synthetic protection. The SynPower series is recommended for vehicles on the higher end of the spectrum. Keep your high performance vehicle running at peak levels with full synthetic oils.

Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology

This is essentially your all purpose, top of the line oil. It is specially formulated to provide unceasing and ultimate protection for your engine. It provides the best protection available against engine friction, and wear and tear.

In operates consistently in extreme weather conditions and severe driving conditions.

Car Detailing for Health & Safety

Car Detailing for Health & Safety

Having your car detailed by a professional can introduce many advantages to you as a vehicle owner. The chief benefit most people think of when they consider car detailing services is appearance.

While this is true, professional detailing will greatly improve the appearance of your vehicle inside and out, there are many other benefits to take advantage of as well.

Car Detailing for Health

Aside from making your vehicle look shiny an new again, there are also several health benefits to be enjoyed from an expert detailing. There are all kinds of microscopic bacteria and toxicants hanging around your car, and they can get embedded and engrained into the upholstery, matts, and other materials.

Even though a regular old car wash is certainly helpful to keep your car clean, it will not get it spotless and fresh like a good detailing will do. A regular car wash will not address the problem of these tiny contaminants inside your vehicle either.

Detailing provides a deep and thorough cleansing, going over every inch of your vehicle to rid it of unwanted and potentially harmful germs and toxins.

Possible Health Hazards in an Unkempt Vehicle

To ensure the preserved health of you and your passengers it is always better to err on the side of caution. Taking a preventative approach is always a good option when it comes to the health and safety of your loved ones.

Why wait until somebody gets sick before taking action? Some of the health hazards that can lurk in a neglected car are:

  • Pollution
  • Mites, dander, and other allergens
  • Must, mold, and mildew


With the shocking amount of air pollution in our environment these days, people need all the protection they can get to avoid respiratory disease and infection.

These pollutants accumulate inside your vehicle and get absorbed into the upholstery and fabric inside your car. A professional detailer can provide the deep level of cleaning needed to rid your vehicle of these pollutants.

Mites, Dander and Other Allergens

A lot of people are allergic to dander and dust mites. Dander refers to material that gets shed from humans and animals. This mostly includes dead skin, hair, or fur. Dust mites are tiny organisms that feed on this dead skin. Disgusting right?

Well, right now there are probably thousands of them inside of your vehicle, in the carpets and upholstery. A professional car detailer can rid your vehicle of these vile creatures.

Must, Mold & Mildew

Mildew and molds thrive in moist environments. Any time you are getting into your car with wet shoes or boots you are creating an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can not only generate a musty smell in your vehicle, it can also introduce health risks.

Prolonged exposure to mold and mildew can lead to respiratory illness, eye irritation, allergies, and other ailments.

Car Detailing improve

How Can Car Detailing improve Health?

A professional auto detailer can eradicate these hazards and health risks, removing them from your vehicle and therefore your personal space.

This can be an invaluable service when you consider the potential threat to you and your passengers.

Car Detailing Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto

If you are looking for an expert car detailing service in the Brampton, Mississauga, or Toronto area, the In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre in Brampton is a highly recommended choice.

Using the most advanced techniques in auto detailing, as well as top quality products, the results will be impressive every time.

Help protect the health and safety of your loved ones with a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of your vehicle.