The past 30 years or so, our society has made some strides in becoming more aware of how our behaviours impact on the environment. There are a lot of conveniences we enjoy and over time and with the help of technological advancements, we have come to realize where alterations can be made in relation to our way of life to create less damage to our surroundings. Automated car washes are no exception as industry research, regulations and standards have moved forward over the years to better reflect a sincere appreciation of doing what they can to reduce the strain on our natural resources. Drivers across the GTA from Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan and Toronto can rest assured that getting your vehicle cleaned up at the car wash is better for the environment than doing it at home and here’s why:


Industry Commitment to Water Conservation

Over the years, automated car wash operators have dramatically cut back on the amount of water they use per average car wash by making adjustments to the equipment needed to clean your vehicle. These alterations include decreasing the size of spray nozzles, lowering the water pressure and being more diligent with leak detection within their machinery and repairing issues immediately.


According to the Canadian Carwash Association, if you were to give your car a wash by hand on the sidewalk or in the driveway using the old fashioned hose and bucket technique, you would use on average, 450 litres of water or more on that one car wash. In fact, running your garden hose for five minutes could use over 221 litres of water. Compare those numbers to the industry target for computer operated car washes of 150 litres of water used per average vehicle wash and it is two thirds less water wasted. Two thirds! To put that into even better perspective for you, an average shower with a low flow shower head uses about 10 litres of water per minute and an average bath uses up anywhere from 115 to 190 litres of water. In fact, the most water efficient car wash systems uses less water than what a typical home washing machine requires to get your clothes clean.


Industry Commitment to Protecting the Water Supply

Along with curtailing the amount of water used per car wash, the industry is also cognizant of what happens to the water after it has been used in the cleaning process. When you hand wash your vehicle in the driveway, the soap you’re using, even the ones labelled environmentally friendly, still go down the storm drains and make their way untreated, to local streams, rivers and lakes. And don’t forget to factor in the build-up of other contaminants like dirt laced with oil, grease, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals picked up in the tires and wheel wells during routine driving. That too all gets washed down the drain and flushed into local waterways.


At a professional, automated car wash, many of them have installed water reclamation systems to prevent water waste and interceptor drains are also used to help catch the contaminants in the water post-cleaning. Unlike with a sidewalk or driveway wash at home, all the post wash water at an automated centre is flushed into the sanitary water system which means it goes off to a treatment plant to remove pollutants before it gets sent back into the local water system.


Industry Commitment to Energy Efficient Operations

The car wash industry is a highly regulated one with good reason. Along with water conservation and water treatment and care, energy inefficiencies have also been addressed over the years and you’ll find the evolution of LED technology has also made its way into automated car wash operations. LED light bulbs, fixtures and circuit boards have been installed. Even research on where lighting sources should be placed within the car wash tunnel have been planned to make for a more efficient operation.


Safer for your Vehicle’s Finish

Several studies done over the past few decades in Europe and North America have shown that it is better for your vehicle’s paint and finish to avoid hand washing the car in the driveway or on the street and going to an automated car wash. Because of technological advancements in soft foam cleaners, there is less likelihood of your vehicle sustaining damage to the finish from abrasives in the cleaning device or from dirt particles clinging to i

Windshield Repair Mississauga

Windshield Repair Mississauga

A cracked windshield may seem like a minor annoyance, but it can lead to much bigger problems if not taken care of in a timely fashion. The major issue is safety. A blemished windscreen can lead to:

Impaired vision while driving

Cracks and chips can spread throughout the entire windshield if left untreated

Compromises the integrity of the windshield sacrificing protection

Can result in a traffic ticket and fine if stopped by the police


Types of Windshield Damage

Cracks and chips in a vehicle’s windshield are typically caused by rocks, stones, or other debris that fly up from the road or are launched from the tires of other cars on the road.

There several different grades and types of windshield damage, varying in severity and suggested repair methods.

A Chip or Ding from an Errant Stone

This tends to be the most frequently experienced type of windshield damage. This is caused by a pebble or small rock hitting the windshield and knocking out a tiny piece of glass. If handled immediately, the solution for this type of damage is a minor chip repair. If left alone, the chip may spread and result in the need for the windshield to be replaced.

Fractured Chip

This is similar to a ding but can be slightly more serious because it contains a point of impact. This type of damage can also typically be fixed with a simple repair if addressed quickly.

Bull’s Eye

This type of damage gets its name because has a similar appearance to a bull’s eye on a dart board. It is caused by a larger stone or piece of debris, resulting in a circular crack in the windshield that may appear to spiral out. Depending on size and severity, a repair may be possible or a windshield replacement might be needed.

Fringe or Edge Crack

This type of crack generally originates along the perimeter of the windshield and works its way in. These cracks tend to form quickly and vary in length. Edge cracks may require a replacement.

Floater Crack

Behaving in the opposite fashion of an edge crack, a floater crack begins in the middle of the windshield and spreads outward. This type of damage can be repaired if the original point of impact is small enough. Otherwise, a replacement will be needed.

Combination Break

Much like the name implies, this damage involves multiple chips and/or cracks. If the cracks are fairly superficial, the windshield can be repaired. If they run a little deeper, you are probably looking at a replacement.

Stress Cracks

Stress cracks are typically formed over time induced by the age of your windshield, and the environmental conditions it has been exposed to. An older windshield, that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions are more likely to form stress cracks. To fix this type of damage, a windshield replacement is normally recommended.

Windshield Repair Mississauga

Whatever type of damage your windshield has sustained, it is a good idea to take it to an automotive professional for assessment and damage control.

In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre offers windshield assessment, repair and replacement. Replacements are only done if necessary, so take care of the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Self Serve Car Wash Mississauga

Self Serve Car Wash Mississauga

If you are looking for a professional and affordable Self Serve Car Washing Service in the Mississauga and Brampton area, In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre is an ideal choice.

In N Out offers full serve car wash options, as well as self serve. The self serve option is perfect for people that want to wash and care for their own vehicle, but would like to do it using professional car wash equipment and top quality cleaning products.


Getting the Most Out of a Self Serve Car Wash

Using the services at a Self Serve Car Wash probably seems pretty straight-forward, which it is. However, if you want to maximize the benefits and efficiency of a self serve car wash you can do a few things in preparation to get ready. Here are a few suggestions:

Remove all garbage and unnecessary items from your vehicle to provide more space and get it ready for cleaning

Once your vehicle is prepared and ready for cleaning, you can drive it over to the car wash facility

Park in the middle of the car wash bay to allow for optimal room on all sides of the vehicle to ensure you can get at all areas of the vehicle easily

The next step is to pre-rinse or pre-soak your car to get rid of all the dirt and debris

After the car has been rinsed you can then begin to soap up the exterior and wash the tires

Once the outside of the vehicle has been soaped and washed to your satisfaction, it is time for a meticulous rinse. Be sure not to leave behind any soap.

You can now decide if you would like to apply a wax – this is recommended as it helps protect and prolong the life of your car’s exterior

If you are going to wax your car, make sure it is completely dry first

You also have the option to clean and vacuum the interior – this can be done after the exterior is finished or beforehand, depending on your preference

Benefits of a Self Serve Car Wash

There are several benefits of using a self serve option to clean your vehicle. Here are a few of the major perks:

Efficient and affordable

Quality products and equipment

Rewarding Result

Efficient and Affordable

The greatest advantages of the self serve option may be that it is quick, easy, and cheap. You don’t have to set anything up, or buy your own supplies. You just show up and wash. No clean up afterwards, and it will also save on your water bill.

Quality Products and Equipment

At In N Out, you will be working with only the best cleaning products and equipment. You won’t have to worry about having enough water pressure to provide an effective rinse, or using the wrong products that may damage your car’s finish.

Rewarding Result

Not only will your vehicle look like it has been cleaned professionally, you can take pride in the fact that you are responsible for its glorious appearance. Also, when you do it yourself, you don’t have to worry about someone else doing something you don’t like to your car.

Car Detailing Brampton

Car Detailing Brampton

The In N Out Carwash and Detailing Centre in Brampton has been providing elite car detailing services in the Brampton area for over 20 years.

The detailing experts at In N Out use the latest and most effective professional techniques as well as only the highest quality detailing products. This results in your vehicle looking its best both inside and out.


Car Detailing In N Out Centre Brampton

If you are looking for a reliable car detailing option in the Brampton area, In N Out Brampton is your best choice. They have 3 basic options, depending on what you are looking to have done.

Complete interior detailing & shampoo

Complete interior detailing, shampoo, hand wax, & glass treatment

Build you own package

Complete Interior Detailing & Shampoo

This package includes:

Complete interior shampoo

Cleaning and conditioning of leather interior

Intensive cleaning and vinyl dressing for doors, dashboard, consoles, and door jambs

Windows cleaned

Trunk vacuumed

Exterior wash

Wheels cleaned

Tires dressed

Complete Interior Detailing, Shampoo, Hand Wax, & Glass Treatment

This package includes all the same features as the previous package, except it also comes with:

Glass Treatment

Hand Wax

Build You Own Package

This option allows you to create your own package by choosing from the A La Carte services offered. You will be able to select only the services you want. These A La Carte services include:

Carpet & Mat Shampoo

Seat Shampoo

Leather Cleaned and Conditioned

Headlight Restoration

Hand Wax

Exterior Polish and Wax

Fabric Protection

Truck Shampoo

Custom Wheel Cleaning

Glass Treatment

Engine Cleaning

Car Detailing Brampton

Having a professional automotive service like IN N Out Brampton detail your car is beneficial to your vehicle for many reasons.

Protect the paint

Save time and Materials

Minimalize cracks and chips

Increase the resale value

Protect the Paint

The paint on your car can easily become cracked and chipped if not properly cared for. Your car should be treated with a deep cleaning to remove dirt and grime, and then sealed with a protective wax or film. This helps preserve your vehicle’s paint job over time.

Save Time and Materials

It would take the average individual hours to complete a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of this nature. Not to mention the lack of access to professional cleaning and detailing equipment and products.

Letting a professional handle this service for you, not only saves you time but also ensures your vehicle is only being exposed to safe and practical cleaning products.

Minimalize Cracks and Chips

Any cracks or chips in the headlights or tail lights will be filled and sealed to help prevent further damage. This process not only helps to fix the immediate problem but serves to make the area stronger to avoid future issues.

Increase the Resale Value

Investing in regular care like this for your vehicle helps to preserve its worth. Consistent maintenance and cleaning prevent any issue your vehicle may have from reaching an unrepairable state.

Regular cleaning and detailing from a professional like In N Out Carwash Brampton will keep your vehicle running in optimal condition.

Car Tinting Service Mississauga

Car Tinting Service Mississauga

In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre offers premium car tinting services at affordable prices in the Mississauga area.

In N Out uses only the highest quality window tinting film available in the automotive industry. They use 3M Color Stable Automotive Window Film, which is the most advanced tinting technology on the market. These window films:

Provide optimal heat protection

Reduce glare

Protect against harmful UV rays

Provide privacy

Preserve color without fading

Won’t interfere with electronic signals

Look fantastic and professional

Come with a lifetime warranty

Provide Optimal Heat Protection

Heat protection is a huge advantage of window tinting. This comes in very handy in the sweltering summer months. This heat protection also helps preserve the air conditioning system in your vehicle, because you won’t be needing to constantly crank it to full blast.

Window tinting affords a cooler, more comfortable, stress-free ride.

Reduce Glare

At certain angles, the sun can cause a dangerous glare on a non-tinted windshield. This can cause genuine safety concerns for you and your passengers. Window tinting can remove the threat of the overwhelming glare that could easily result in a collision or accident.


Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can not only cause you physical harm, but they can also damage the interior of your vehicle. UV radiation can have adverse effects on your eyes and skin, and may even lead to cancer. UV rays can also scorch the plastic in the car’s interior, as well as causing the upholstery to fade and lose its color.

Provide Privacy

If security and privacy are important for you, window tinting can be an extremely beneficial feature. It prevents nosy bystanders and other drivers from gawking at your vehicle’s inhabitants. It can also prevent potential thieves from having a look inside your car, scanning for valuables.

Preserve Color Without Fading

3M Color Stable Automotive Window Film maintains its rich coloring without turning purple or fading. Even after hours and hours of exposure, 3M tinting keeps its original color.

Won’t Interfere with Electronic Signal

3M film is made up completely of non-metallic substances which will ensure you will not experience any interference with radio and satellite stations, or any other electronic devices.

Look Fantastic and Professional

The full and rich appearance of 3M window tinting film leaves your car looking stylish and professional. It is comparable to factory tinted glass in its classy appearance.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

3M automotive window films are designed to last, offering a limited lifetime warranty should you experience any issues with your tinting.

Car Tinting Service Mississauga

In N Out offers a few different car tinting options, depending on what you are looking for:

3M Paint Protection Film

3M Window Tinting

3m Vinyl Wrapping

Paint Protection Film is available to protect the finish on your vehicle. This service offers scratch and stain resistance, while preserving the color of the paint job without fading.

Window Tinting protects you and your passengers while preserving the value of your vehicle’s interior.

Vinyl Wrapping is available for those looking for a color or pattern change to the exterior of their vehicle.

Car Cleaners Mississauga

Car Cleaners Mississauga

If you are seeking a professional and dependable car cleaning and detailing service in the Mississauga area, In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre can handle all your automotive care and cleaning needs.

In N Out Car Wash has been providing outstanding service in the automotive industry for people in the Mississauga and Brampton are for over 50 years!

The experts at In N Out focus on bringing quality and consistency to every car wash and cleaning to leave you satisfied every time.

In N Out Services

There are a variety of services offered to help you maintain your vehicle’s value and keep it running at optimal performance levels.

Here are a few examples:

Car Washing

Car Detailing

Window Tinting

Oil Change

Rust Proofing

Windshield Repair and Replacement


Car Washing

There are several car wash options available to you, depending on the level of cleanse you are looking for.


The Works

Exterior Wash and Wax

Self Serve

The Premium Car Wash package is comprised of an incredibly thorough cleaning of both the interior and exterior and of your vehicle. Every aspect of the inside and outside of your car will be attended to and scrubbed. The Works is a similar package with less scrutiny and attention to the interior. The exterior option includes a complete cleaning and waxing of the vehicle’s outside.

There is also a Self Serve option for those that would like to care for their own vehicle while having access to premium equipment and cleaning products.

Car Detailing

Car detailing involves an intense and deep clean of the interior and exterior of your automobile. Top of the line detailing products will be used to enhance its look and performance. A thorough shampooing and conditioning will be done to the full interior, while a waxing and hand polishing of the exterior will protect and restore it, leaving it shiny and new.

Window Tinting

This service is a great feature for those that want a more comfortable and private driving experience. Tinting will cool your vehicle in the hot summer months, protect you from harmful UV rays, and preserve the upholstery and interior.

Oil Change

Having consistent maintenance performed on your vehicle is hugely beneficial for preserving its value and performance. Regular oil changes are part of this upkeep. Over time, oil gets dirty. This makes the oil less lubricating and efficient. Prevent overheating and engine damage with routine oil changes.

Rust Proofing

Rust build up can cause serious damage to your vehicle, negatively affecting overall performance. Canada’s extreme weather conditions can lead to rust accumulation and corrosion on the car’s exterior. Having rust proofing service done on an annual basis will help protect your vehicle.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

A chipped or cracked windshield can lead to all kinds of problems and safety issues. If you notice a crack in your windscreen, you should attend to immediately to prevent it from spreading. A cracked windshield can compromise its structure and stability, leaving passengers vulnerable in the case of a collision.

A cracked windshield can also result in a fine for the driver if pulled over by the police.

In N Out can repair or replace the windshield, depending on the severity of the blemish.

Its Time For Your Full First Car Wash Of The Season

Its Time For Your Full First Car Wash Of The Season

You may have been procrastinating and putting off the inevitable and necessary. But just like with your home, spring cleaning your vehicle is not just about sprucing up the cosmetic appearance of one of your biggest investments it is about protecting, maintaining and if necessary, repairing it.

That’s why now is the perfect time to book your vehicle in for a deluxe date at the car wash Brampton! Spring weather is finally here, bringing with it warmer temperatures and the perfect driving conditions to take a nice, long and relaxing road trip. But first, you have to make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge and having it look fantastic doesn’t hurt either.

Full Car Wash

Getting a premium package car wash means the inside and outside of your vehicle will receive some much needed tender loving care from a team of professionals who know what to look for and what products to use when cleaning all the various surfaces of your car, truck, van or SUV. This is especially important to do after the long, cold winter months we just endured. All the snow, frigid winds, ice and road salt can really do some damage to your vehicle both on the inside and outside.

To make sure all the caked on dirt, road salt debris and sleet is gone from the exterior of your vehicle, a soft foam wash conducted through a computer controlled processes is the perfect way to dislodge all dirt from the outside of your car. An underbody spray will also get rid of any salt, dirt and other debris that can be clinging to the major components of your vehicle’s undercarriage and possibly causing premature erosion or wear.

Then comes the fresh water rinse to purify your vehicle’s exterior and remove any remaining traces of the winter it just got through. To make sure every last drop of water or spot of winter road salt residue is completely gone from your vehicle, it will be hand dried by a team of professionals who will make sure your vehicle will shine like a new penny when they are done.

Also be sure to finish all that up with a Triple Poly Shine Wax, which will make your vehicle gleam and look like it just rolled off the car lot. It also protects the paint job by providing a shielding layer to help fight off scratches, nicks and sun damage.

A full car wash Brampton also includes the trunk of your vehicle getting vacuumed, as well as the seats, carpets and mats and this is key to keeping your vehicle in good condition because no matter how committed you may have been to keeping your car clean over the long, cold winter months, road salt still got inside your vehicle and could be causing some erosion problems.

The various surfaces on the interior of your vehicle also get a wipe down, like the dashboard, console, windows, trim, doors and on the outside, your tires and rims.

More Vehicle Spring Maintenance Care Tips

Windshield repair: Because of all the debris on the roads during the winter and heavy, freezing winds, it’s not uncommon for your windshield to have a few nicks, scratches or minor cracks. It would be a grave mistake to leave them be as they can quite easily turn into full on cracks that would require a total windshield replacement. Going in for a check up is easy and far less costly. Minor windscreen repairs can take as little as 10 minutes and may even be covered by your vehicle insurance.

Windshield wiper blades: To maintain safe and clear vision while driving during spring showers, be sure to pick up a new set of windshield wiper blades because your old ones took a beating over the winter and may have degraded over the last few months.

Oil and filter change: Every season, you should be having your oil and filter changed to keep your car running at its best. Staying on top of this will protect your engine and keeping it running trouble free, more efficiently and it will also cut down on how many times you need to fill up the tank.

Inspect your lighting system: This goes for internal and especially external lighting systems, which may have sustained some damage over the winter. It may seem like an unnecessary chore but if motorists can’t see your signal lights, collisions

Spring Cleaning: It’s Also For Your Car

Spring Cleaning: It’s Also For Your Car

Now that we are starting to see signs of life in the form of budding trees and blooming flowers, it is only natural to want to hit the road for a drive to somewhere scenic to enjoy nature’s glory. But how is your vehicle looking after a tough winter? We all know spring is a great chance for us to do a thorough cleaning of our homes and it is also an opportunity to get your vehicle in good shape for the warmer months ahead.

Like with many things that you may have put off for a while, it can be a little daunting to figure out where to start, so let’s make it easy. Step number one towards a spiffy looking and clean vehicle is auto and car detailing. That’s the invaluable service of having your vehicle looked after inside and out.

You may not have realized this, but your strategy for car care and maintenance should be changing with the seasons and where winter was all about protection from the harshest elements like snow, ice, road salt and freezing temperatures, spring is about assessing the damage of the past few months and doing a thorough cleaning.

In and Out auto wash and detailing means your vehicle will roll out of the car wash looking like new. Thanks to a computer controlled soft foam wash, any caked on road salt, mud and sleet residue will be washed away to unveil the true beauty of your vehicle’s finish. A fresh water rinse follows to make sure all of that unsightly, salt haze is gone from the visible exterior of your vehicle as well as the undercarriage where a lot of erosion can take place. After that, your vehicle will be hand dried to make sure that there is absolutely no salty residue, water spots or streaks left behind.

Follow that up with a Triple Poly Shine Wax done by hand to make your car’s finish shines like a diamond in the bright, spring sunshine. It’s also a protective layer for your vehicle’s finish and acts as barrier against the rain, wind and even harsh sunlight.

So what does car detailing Brampton involve? Having the interior of your vehicle looked after is not a simple luxury, it is a vital part of proper car maintenance after the winter. Because road salt is so highly corrosive, you owe it to yourself to have the interior of your vehicle taken care of by trained professionals who know how to clean all the various materials and surfaces of your vehicle’s interior. After all, your vehicle was a big investment!

This includes a very thorough vacuuming of all the carpeting and upholstery inside your car. It’s very easy for road salt to be carried into your vehicle via the soles of your shoes and boots and no matter how conscientious you may have been over the winter to keep it out of the car, it always manages to get inside! That’s why the floor mats are also removed and given a good wash to make sure there’s no salt or that brine managed to get under the carpet and erode the metal underneath.

It’s a very wise investment to go for a complete interior shampoo that cleans your seats, carpets and floor mats. If your vehicle has it, leather will be cleaned and conditioned as well. Interior detailing also includes wiping down the doors, dash, console and door jambs, along with the windows to make sure any salty haze and dust build-up from the winter doesn’t impair your vision. The pros will also vacuum your trunk and wipe down your wheels so they look sharp and clean.

Some other helpful spring car care tips include replacing your windshield wipers. They probably took a beating over the winter and may even have some damage from road salt. Treat your vehicle to a new set so that you’re ready for any and all spring showers and will be able to see clearly no matter how often they come.

Also check out your tires. Be sure to inspect the treads of your winter tires to see if there is any unusual wear or uneven spots in the treads, as that can suggest your vehicle may be out of alignment. When getting your new tires on, be mindful of tire pressure for a smooth, efficient ride. Don’t forget about giving the spare tire in the trunk a good look over as well.

Don’t Overlook The Chips That Can Compromise The Safety Of Your Vehicle

Don’t Overlook The Chips That Can Compromise The Safety Of Your Vehicle

Why repairing a damaged windshield is so important? What you don’t know could be dangerous.


You are driving along the highway, and suddenly hear the sound of a pebble hurled at the glass of your windshield, causing a small damaged spot. What should you do?


Even if the damage is barely noticeable, keep in mind that chips and cracks that begin to grow are a major safety hazard. They put your life at risk, as well as the lives of your passengers in the car, and other drivers sharing the road with you. While it may not seem like it, your windshield plays a critical role in the overall structural integrity and safety of your vehicle. Don’t delay its replacement. For all your windshield repair needs, In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre has got you covered.


Is the crack bigger than a quarter loonie? A broken windshield is not something you should put off fixing. Before you know it, you may end up having to replace the windshield, which would raise the amount of your investment. At windshield repair Mississauga, driving safety always comes first, regardless of the cost.


Not all drivers understand the types of damage that can be safely repaired, and what to expect from a quality repair technician. No need to worry. Windshield repair Brampton know just about everything that has to do with fixing a chip, before it becomes a crack.


At windshield repair Mississauga, we will stop a small chip that can quickly become a spider web, and prevent any further damage to your vehicle. A broken windshield is no laughing matter. Cracks that distort your line of vision are very dangerous, increasing the likelihood of a crash happening in the first place (and the severity of injuries).


A structurally sound windshield at windshield repair Brampton allows the passenger airbag to function properly and minimize roof collapse. If the windshield is weakened due to unexpected damage, it will not provide optimal protection in an accident. For example, the chip may break down the auto glass from a car flip on the road, causing the whole windshield to shatter. If you didn’t already mend the problem, its already too late. You risk being pulled over by the police. What’s worse, you can get a safety hazard ticket that costs up to $115.


Stop by windshield repair Brampton. There are 6 reasons why you should!


  • Award winning: In N Out Car Wash has won many awards. Hundreds of clients choose us to be their preferred vendor for windshield chip repair, replacement, and other services.
  • Convenience: the whole process of repairing your windshield takes only 10 to 15 minutes. At windshield repair Mississauga, our goal is to get you back on the road as swiftly and safely as possible. No appointment is needed.
  • Experienced and skilled staff:well-prepared to handle any windshield chip, replacement, or repair that your car needs. Whether you’re driving a luxury sedan, or an SUV – we have past experience and success in handling your vehicle.
  • High-quality equipment and aftermarket parts: have access to high quality and all of the OEM parts that your vehicle will need. Windshield repair Brampton only use the best material and equipment to do the repairs and replacements. Always drive safe by making sure all the parts of your car are in good condition.
  • Ecologically friendly: repairing instead of replacing keeps thousands of windshields out of landfills.
  • Insurance benefits: just because you got a chip, it doesn’t mean you have to cover the bill. Windshield repair Mississauga not only saves you the cost of replacement, but insurance companies with comprehensive coverage in Ontario will waive your deductible. Obviously, repairing a chip is preferable to replacing the entire windshield.


Dealing with a small chip or a little crack that affects the outer layer of your auto glass? Windshield repair Brampton will give it a quick once over, before it gets worse, and turns into a full-blown window replacement. Left untreated, today’s small dings can quickly become tomorrow’s big headache. In this case, promptness pays. Safety on the road starts with a driver who can see and be seen by other vehicles.




Winter  Care Car Checklist

Winter Care Car Checklist

There’s a saying in Scandinavian countries that there’s no such thing as bad winter weather, just bad clothing. The same can be said for driving in winter weather. Sure, it’s challenging to manoeuvre through Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Georgetown and any other part of the GTA when the roads and highways are snowy, icy and slushy. But if you are an alert driver who is prepared and maintains their vehicle, then driving in winter weather should be a breeze to you.

How do you achieve that zen-like state of mind when behind the wheel? Having your vehicle properly maintained and cared for over the cold winter months is a great start and here’s what you can do to make that happen:

Premium Car Wash

Since your vehicle is one of the larger financial investments you’ll make in your lifetime, regularly getting your car cleaned at a professional car wash is a smart move, especially in the winter months. The salty brine sprayed on roadways across Ontario coupled with the additional rock salt and sand laid down on roads and sidewalks everywhere can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Having it cleared away from the exterior of your vehicle with a luscious, soft foam wash and fresh water rinse will prevent erosion from taking place. Follow that up with a hand dry to remove streaks and water spots and your car will look like new.

Interior detailing is just as important to prevent salt and moisture build-up beneath the car mats. A full vacuum of all upholstery and wiping down of all the surfaces in your vehicle will prevent damage and also be a more welcoming and hygienic space for you and your passengers to be in.

Rust Proofing

To maintain your warranty and prolong the life of your vehicle, rust proofing is a worthwhile investment. Whether it’s Diamond Kote and Rust Check you want, the dripless, gel based undercarriage sprays help prevent rusting and repair weather damage to your vehicle. If you haven’t had this applied to your vehicle already, it’s not too late to have it done now.

Oil Change

When dirt builds up in oil, it can become more viscous and abrasive which makes it far less effective as a lubricant and that will cause more wear to your engine. Mechanics will tell you that oil changes are the biggest chore drivers neglect to perform on their vehicle and with costly results, as motor oil lubricates engine components and keeps metal parts from grinding against one another. Scheduling regular oil changes will extend life of your vehicle and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Windshield Repair and Maintenance

If you see a chip on your windscreen, do not ignore it! That little chip can grow into a full sized crack under the weight of one snowfall. What started out as a small blemish that could be easily fixed in as little as 10 minutes, can grow into a far more costly windshield replacement. The sooner you have little chips and cracks addressed the better. Safety must come first and that starts with a clear, unobstructed view while you’re driving.

Tire Check

You may have recently put your winter tires on the vehicle but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them in the weeks ahead. Check them regularly for the quality of their tread, if there’s uneven wearing or even cuts or nicks that can easily happen when driving near snowbanks where unseen ice and debris can be lurking. Also be sure to check tire pressure once a month and rotate tires as recommended. Under-inflated tires are dangerous especially when driving in poor road conditions and along with poorly aligned wheels, makes your engine work harder and that makes your vehicle burn through gasoline quicker. Also make sure to check your spare tire in the trunk and test the jack so that you know it’s in good working condition.

Emergency Kit

It’s bad enough when your car breaks down, it’s even worse when it happens in the winter. You never know if it will happen in the city or in a rural area, far from a gas station so it pays to be prepared. Your emergency kit should include extra gloves, boots and blankets. Flares, a small shovel and sand or kitty litter are good. Tire chains, a flashlight, extra batteries, an extra car charger and snacks are also important to have.

There’s More To Winter Vehicle Care Than Winter Tires

There’s More To Winter Vehicle Care Than Winter Tires

It’s critical to have winter tires installed on your vehicle this time of year. While the major roads across Caledon, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Vaughan and Georgetown are cleared pretty quickly, side streets, on and off ramps along highways and other areas are still snow covered after a storm and all-season tires just don’t cut it in those kinds of conditions.

Winter tires are no longer the big, bulky type that looked like they were made for a military vehicle in Russia. Nowadays, they’re sleeker with new, deep tread patterns and rubber compounds that make them quiet, effective in snowy terrain and appropriate for all kinds of vehicles. But there’s more to winter driving safety that having good, deep treads to get through the snow!

How pumped are your tires?

Did you know that tires lose a pound of pressure for every 10 degree drop in the temperature? It’s imperative your tires have the right amount of air pressure since an underinflated tire won’t push through the snow and give the kind of grip to the pavement you need and that can mean a very slippery and dangerous ride for you, your passengers and other motorists on the road.

Combat salt erosion with a premium car wash and wax

We’ve all seen cars driving around in the winter with that unsightly white, grey or brown hue to them, all thanks to the unattractive mix of road salt and sand, dried snow and slush and car exhaust pollution. It ruins the look of all vehicles and can even be damaging to the body and metal parts of cars because salt is corrosive. The salt and sand used on the roads can also be an abrasive that can ruin your paint job. The good thing is that it can all be washed away! Soft foam technology and a fresh water rinse can do miracles for the look and maintenance of your vehicle. A hand dry afterward ensures no streaks or water spots remain. Follow that up with a triple poly shine wax to provide a layer of protection to your paint job.

It’s also critical to note that a professional car wash will include your headlights and tail lights being cleaned and waxed. You may not think that’s very important but considering how overcast the weather can be and how the days are shorter and nights longer, you’ll be driving in dim light at best for a lot of the winter. It just makes sense to keep your exterior lighting instruments clean and clear from debris and the salty haze that clings to vehicles this time of year.

Protect the inside of your vehicle from effects of winter with interior detailing

All that salt on the outside your vehicle inevitably makes it into the inside of your car thanks to the bottom of your shoes or boots. While you may have rubber mats lining the floor of your vehicle, interior detailing is the best way to prevent salt, sand and moisture from getting trapped between the mat and carpeting, which can eventually lead to rust formation and serious erosion problems on the undercarriage. Interior detailing involves a thorough vacuuming of all the upholstery in your vehicle along with cleaning of the mats, dashboard, trim and all other surfaces inside your car.

Inspect your windshield and wiper blades

Your windscreen is of vital importance to your vehicle. It helps maintain the structure of your car and also protects you from the elements, which is quite handy when it’s snowing and minus 15 degrees outside. Because the windshield plays such a big role in safe driving, quickly addressing any little chips or nicks in the glass is crucial as they can quickly and easily grow to become large cracks that require a full on replacement as opposed to a quick and inexpensive repair job. It’s also important to know that it doesn’t take much for a crack to expand. A few centimetres of heavy, wet snowfall on the windshield can put enough pressure to cause damage.

It’s not something motorists think of all that often but it’s worth remembering to check your wiper blades. They usually last for about a year and it’s a good idea to get the more modern beam blade style wipers, especially during the long winter months because of one important design element: they don’t have an external spring which in traditional blades has been known to freeze up in cold temperatures.