In N Out Carwash Brampton offers a professional and attractive window tinting service for vehicles in the Brampton area. Getting window tinting services for your car can provide many benefits:

Increased value

New sleek look

Enhanced driving experience

Increased Value

A professional window tinting job can boost the value of your vehicle. Tinted windows serve to protect the interior of your vehicle from the hot sun. This keeps the upholstery in good condition for increased resale value. Window tinting can also help increase the value by providing a more comfortable ride. It offers enhanced security by reinforcing the strength of your windows.

New Sleek Look

Having your windows tinted can also make your vehicle look newer and more streamlined.

Enhanced Driving Experience

Professional window tinting can provide drivers with an enhanced and more comfortable driving experience. It provides more privacy for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Tinting also blocks out harmful UV rays and heat from the sun. This makes your ride cooler and more pleasant during the hot summer months.

Car Tinting Brampton Services

There are three main car tinting services offered at In N Out Brampton.

3M Paint Protection

3M Window Tinting

3M Vinyl Wrapping

3M Paint Protection

A great option for preserving the integrity of your vehicle’s paint job is 3M paint protection film. This 3M film is a leader in the paint protection industry. 3M has revolutionized paint protection for your car through advanced technology. It offers full protection for your paint job while providing:

Unmatched scratch and stain resistance

Incredible clarity

Fade resistance

Self-repairing scratch removal technology

A sturdy and durable finish that requires no upkeep

3M Window Tinting

This professional window tinting option provides protection for you and your passengers from unhealthy UV rays. It also offers a reprieve from the heat and glare of the sun. Window tinting can also be useful for night driving to avoid the direct shine of powerful headlights.

Window tinting will extend the life of your car’s interior, as well as providing extra security against smashed windshields and windows.


Car Tinting Brampton Features

Some of the features offered with 3M window tinting technology include:

Fade resistance

Heat and UV protection

No interference with mobile devices

Glare reduction

Lifetime Warranty

Fade Resistance

3M has introduced a new technology that brings unprecedented color stability to your protective film. This means your tinting will preserve its rich hue without fading.

Heat and UV Protection

3M’s window tinting film features a process that provides maximum heat rejection from outside your vehicle. It also affords maximum UV protection, blocking roughly 99% of UV rays. This is the equivalent of wearing 1000 SPF sunblock.

No Interference with Mobile Devices

These 3M protective films are made completely of non-metal substances. This means you will get no interference with your mobile devices, GPS, or satellite radio stations.

Glare Reduction

This feature can give you piece of mind when the sun is at the awkward level when it seems to be shining directly into your eyes while you are trying to drive.

Lifetime Warranty

3M’s automotive window films come with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against bubbling blistering, fading, or peeling.