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In N Out Car Wash provides professional window tinting services for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.

Superior quality and exceptional performance Window Tinting will make your driving experience more enjoyable and protect you from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. We are certified installers for SolarGard and 3M window tinting.


Kennedy Road

2 Front Windows $120.00

2 Door Car $200.00

4 Door Car ADD $250.00

Small SUV / Truck ADD $300.00

SUV / Van $350.00

2 Windshield Strip $40.00

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We are now offering SolarGard Car Tinting in all our locations.


Solargard is a superior product compared to most of the tinting brands in the market. If it offers 99% UV protection. This is important as UV rays has been known to cause health problems.


We offer multiple shades of SolarGard tint. Depending on where you drive, getting the right tone matters. We give our customers a range of tint to choose from. Our tint is non-reflective as there is no metal. This ensures signal is not interrupted when you use mobile phones, GPS and other equipment.


We value our customers. We give our customers a lifetime warranty on our SolarGard product. Talk to us and learn more about our warranty program.


Paint Protection Film of the future is here now. Introducing NEW 3M™ Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series

There are many choices in the market today for paint protection films (PPF), but the company that invented paint protection film is re-inventing it. 3M leveraged their technical capability and scientific knowledge to create a film that offers world class protection for your vehicle finish.


Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance


Exceptional clarity


Self-healing technology makes most scratches disappear


Tough, durable and maintenance free


New window film applications can help to reject solar energy to fight glare from bright sun spots and blinding headlights to protect your eyes from powerful UV energy. Tinting also prevents hot temperatures due to solar heat from disturbing your drive which in turn extends the life of your furnishing, upholstery and even your HVAC. Window tinting can also hold together shattered glass in the case of a collision.

Our window tinting procedures use high quality 3M films to provide your vehicle with the perfect tint.


3M™ Automotive Window Films are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties. 3M films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance N Out Car Wash is 3M™ Authorized Installer. 3M films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free. Come experience why our Windows Tinting customers prefer our service.

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Brampton Auto Tinting

We select the best window tint film in the industry to keep our customers coming back. Our 3M Color Stable Automotive Window Films is known to be revolutionary and the best in the industry. Whether you need to reduce the glare, heat, or simply get more privacy – our auto tinting solution can help you.

3M Developed a patented, nano-carbon polyester technology to bring a revolutionary colour stable auto film. This technology helps to ensure the tint retains it’s integrity and never fades to any colour.

At In N Out Window Tinting Brampton, we use 3M’s Color Stable Automotive Film to incorporate a unique process that allows a maximum heat rejection. It enables maximum heat and ultraviolet ray protection. It rejects up to 57% of total solar energy coming through your windows – giving it the cool effect that you need for the summer.

3M Color Stable Automotive Window Films are non-metalized. This means that the long-lasting tint that we install will not interfere with your mobile, GPS or other satellite radio receptions.

The 3M Automotive Window Film/Tint significantly reduces glare and blinding sunlight. This is good when you drive on the highway during the day and you need to ensure that you can concentrate and see better.

At our Brampton Window Tinting location, we our 3M Window Film offers 99 percent of UV light blocking. The film proivides a Total Sun Protector Factor (SPF) of up to 1000. This provides your vehicle significant protection against UV rays, and sunburns.

Selecting 3M Automotive Window Films give’s you a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Should your film have bubbling, peeling, blistering, or purpling – 3M has got you covered. The film is designed to last.

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Service Areas for Car Tinting

Our team offers car tinting to customers in the following cities: Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Caledon, Vaughan, Etobicoke, and Woodbridge.