Regular oil changes are necessary part of automobile maintenance. Consistent oil changes keep your car operating more efficiently and help extend the life of your engine.

oil changes needed

Why are routine oil changes needed?

As time passes, dirt and debris start to build in your engine’s oil. This causes the oil to become thicker and more abrasive. It also causes the oil to lose its lubricating effects. This is not good for your engine. Dirty and viscous oil has a difficult time stopping the metal components of your engine from grinding against each other. Dirty oil, filled with debris and sediment, fails to prevent deposits and buildup of sludge in the engine. Leaving this problem unchecked for long periods of time can cause your engine to breakdown entirely.

This can all be prevented through regularly scheduled oil changes.

How often should oil be changed?

The answer to this question varies depending on the type of vehicle you drive, and how much you drive it. Consult your owner’s manual to find manufacturer recommended oil change schedules.

The general consensus is that oil should be changed somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 kilometers. The more often you have your oil changed, the better it is for the performance and value of your vehicle.

Benefits of an Oil Change

There are all kinds of benefits of regular oil changes. Some of these include:

Enhanced longevity of the engine

Better fuel economy

Prevents build up of debris and sludge that can cause engine seizure

Cleaner emissions

Improved overall performance

Routine oil changes are one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your vehicle, while avoiding costly engine repairs.

Oil Change Service Mississauga

A professional and reliable automotive service in the Mississauga and Brampton area is the In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre.

In N Out has been providing exceptional automotive maintenance for over 50 years.

They offer a Signature Service Oil Change that comes with a lot of extra perks when you have your oil changed.

Quality Motor Oil

Choose from a selection of high quality Valvoline motor oils. Valvoline motor oil is designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your vehicle by lubricating the engine’s metal components and wiping it clean of debris and sediment.

Filter Replacement

Dirty oil filters will be replaced with brand new, high quality filters. Old filters clogged with dirt will have a negative impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy, and can even cause a blockage that will damage the engine.

Vehicle Inspection

Technicians will check to ensure coolants and other fluids are at appropriate levels and functioning efficiently. A check will be performed on wiper blades, filters, and lights to see if anything needs replacing. Tire pressure will be assessed to make sure pressure levels are correct and identical in all tires. Uneven pressure can cause uneven wear in your tires. Belts will be checked for excessive wear.

Inside floors will be vacuumed and outside windows will be cleaned.

You get a full 21-point inspection with every oil change to assess vehicle performance and give you tips on future vehicle maintenance.