Often overlooked, consistent tire rotation is an important part of regular vehicular maintenance. Having your tires rotated on a regular basis can help prevent other issues with your vehicle, as well as lengthening the life of your tires.

So, why should you rotate your tires routinely?

The short answer is because they wear unevenly if you don’t. One tire will wear out faster than the rest and then you need to replace the whole set before you would have if you had in engaged in frequent rotation.

Tires tend to wear on the outsides faster than the insides, because when you make a turn, the front tire angles over to make it happen. The back tires simply follow the front tires, and wear a little more evenly.

Uneven wear on your tires can also be caused by imbalanced tire pressure and skewed alignment. These things should also be looked at when you have your tires rotated.

Tire rotation should be a steady part of your regularly scheduled vehicular maintenance. This will help give you a smoother ride and better handling.

Customarily, people that engage in consistent upkeep for their cars, do so because it helps to save money in the long run. Paying for preventative services helps avoid massive mechanic bills down the road. The same principle applies to tire rotation.

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Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

Consistently shifting the tires on your car to different positions, can benefit your vehicle in several ways. A few examples are:

  • Even wear
  • Improved performance
  • Maintaining validity of warranty

Even Wear

Having your tires regularly rotated helps to ensure all your tires wear at an even rate. A steady rotation of all 4 tires to each of the 4 positions will increase the longevity of your tire set.

Improved Performance

Better handling and traction are also advantages to be enjoyed from consistent tire rotation. Your vehicle will be safer and easier to drive.

Valid Warranty

Some tire warranties require regular tire rotation to keep the warranty valid. Check the details on your warranty to see if this applies.

How Often Should You Have Your Tires Rotated?

There are varying opinions on this matter, but the general consensus is that you should be getting your tires repositioned every 5000 – 6000 kms. Timewise, that translates into every 6 months or so. It really depends on how much you drive.

Many car owners feel that getting your tires rotated is a good practice to pair up with oil changes. That way you can take care of your vehicular maintenance all in one stop. Also, it makes sense to have both services done while your vehicle is already up on the lift.

It is not recommended to wait until you see signs of wear and tear on your tires before rotating them. By this time, it is too late to reverse the damage that has already been done. It is better to be proactive and use tire rotation as a preventative measure.

Is Tire Rotation the Same for All Cars?

Although the principle of tire rotation is the same for all vehicles, there are some differences depending on the car your drive and the quality of the tires on it.

For instance, if you drive a high-performance vehicle, and are continually negotiating tight turns or more rugged terrain, you will need to have your tires rotated more frequently than say a family mini van.

There will also be differences depending on whether your car is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Vehicles with front wheel drive will have different outcomes and responses for each tire. It will not be the same as the results for a rear wheel drive vehicle. This is why you should establish a consistent schedule for tire rotation, so all tires get equal time at each position.

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