Automatic car washes have been around for almost a century, emerging back in 1930s. Although there are definitely noticeable differences to today’s auto car washes, the general set up was the same implementing a conveyor type approach as the car rolls through the washing stages. They also used similar tools, employing rotating brushes, spray nozzles, and soft pads for wiping.

However, one glaring concern of these auto car washes of old was the heavy wear and tear afflicted on vehicle exteriors. The systems were often not thorough enough on the initial rinse, resulting in sand and grit being ground into the finish.

Automatic car wash technology has seen tremendous advances since those days. Now when you roll through an auto car wash there is no concern about any sort of damage to your vehicle, just a deep cleaning.

7 Great Benefits of an Auto Car Wash

Automatic car washes are not only beneficial to the appearance and value of your vehicle, but also to the environment. DIY car washes carried out at home often result in harmful chemicals being rinsed into the local water supply and overconsumption of water and energy.

7 advantages to an auto wash are:

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Use of recycled water
  • Less water used
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Better results
  • Time and cost savings

Environmentally Friendly Products

Not only are the tools, equipment, and cleaning products more efficient and effective at an auto car wash, they are also easier on the environment. All cleaning solutions are received and disposed of in a responsible way that is safe and non-polluting.

Use of Recycled Water

Auto car washes use a recycling system to reuse water to prevent unnecessary waste. That doesn’t mean your car is being washed with the last vehicles dirty run off. All water is treated and purified before being reused.

Less Water Used

The use of recycled water means less overall water being squandered. Not only that, auto washes are extremely efficient in their operation. This is a system that has been run again and again, over the course of several years to achieve the most productive results while generated the least waste.

Home car washes are frequently extremely wasteful when it comes to water consumption. Even if you are attempting to be conservative, studies show that home car washes use more than 3 times the amount of water deployed by an auto wash.

Reduced Waste

There is hardly any waste at all when you run your car through an automatic car wash. Alternatively, when you wash your car at home all the excess water, soap, and cleaning solutions get absorbed into nearby soil or run off into the sewers. Either way, this process is dangerous and harmful to the local environment.

Reduced Wear & Tear

Specialized tools and cleaning products are used at an auto car wash to ensure there will be no damage done to the finish or the components of your car. Using bristled brushes to clean your vehicle can result in scratches to the paint that can leave exposed metal, conducive to rust and corrosion.

Better Results

Unless you have performed thousands of car washes yourself, you are not likely to achieve the same brilliant results an auto car wash will have on your vehicle. For the amount of time and effort it takes to wash your car at home, with a less impressive outcome, it makes good sense to take advantage of auto washes.

Time and Cost Savings

When it all comes down to it, saving time and money are extremely important to the vast majority of the population. Most people don’t even have enough time in a day to get everything done that needs doing. Any opportunity to save a little time while also saving money is generally a welcome one.

Thinking you are saving money by washing your car at home is not likely, unless you have a perfect setup, all the right tools and products, and a streamlined system. Auto car washes already have all that in place.

Automatic Car Wash Brampton

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