The salt, grit, and grime on the roads during winter have several hazardous effects on your car. They not only corrode the exterior but the unavoidable salt particles stain the car mats as well as the motor vehicle floor. You, however, don’t have to remain indoors for fear of the massive repair costs associated with replacing all the corroded car parts and repainting. Adopting these five tips will help you avoid the after-winter car maintenance costs by keeping it clean throughout winter.

Regular car wash during winter

The weather might be frigid and arguably not anyone’s ideal car cleaning environment, but you still need to get a car wash if you want to use it after winter. Such cleaning involves carefully scraping off any abrasives, salt, and sand trying to stick on the car after a road drive. Cleaning reduces the effect of salty snow corroding the unprotected parts of your car like the upholstery or leaving unsightly marks on your car paint.

Replace your vehicle floor mats

Floor mats contribute to the overall appeal of your car interior and thus the reason to keep them looking good without unsightly stains. You can achieve this by tucking them away safely and using the non-corrosive and easy to use rubber carpets. By using rubber floor mats, you will not only be protecting the mats but the car floor as well. Most fabric car mats will soak and allow the salty water to penetrate the unpainted car floor

Always apply the car cover

Whether you park your car outdoors or under a sheltered garage, covering your car during winter goes a long way in keeping it clean. This protects it from the constant and severe winter storms that leave an accumulation of snow and other debris on your car. In such a case, you carefully remove the cover to rid of the rubble and probably clean up the parts not adequately protected by the car cover, such as under the car.

Practice safe driving

If keeping your car clean during winter is a priority, then you have to identify and avoid all the factors that contribute to dirt accumulation on your vehicle. Careless driving on snow-soaked alleys as well as speeding on overly salty roads increases the chances of the car picking up debris that corrodes its exterior.

Leave your car at home

Abstinence may sound absurd, but it may be the only surefire way of keeping your car clean during winter. But how will they get around? Consider getting yourself a winter beater second hard car, if you don’t have one already. Such vehicles allow you to cruise around without worrying about the salt and even have fun mucking in the snow.

Bottom line

If you aim at keeping your car clean during winter, you have to take into account all the factors that contribute to dirtying your car and avoid them. You also have to put in place measures that keep your car clean always such as using rubber floor mats and if possible use your old car to get around and leave your investment at home.

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