Brampton Car Wash

We all like having a nice, shiny and clean vehicle but that takes time and effort to do by hand. Automatic car washes are convenient, efficient and also better for your vehicle. Improper soaps with high PH levels and hydrofluoric acid in tap water can actually damage the finish of your vehicle but a computer controlled cleaning process using soft foam technology and fresh water will keep your vehicle’s finish looking like new for years to come.

Brampton Car Detailing

If you don’t like housework, chances are you might not like ‘carwork” either. It’s easy for dust, dirt, debris and stains to creep up on the interior fabrics and surfaces of your vehicle, which can make for an unpleasant and even unsafe drive. It’s recommended you get your vehicle professionally detailed at least three times a year to keep the interior in great shape for your current enjoyment, general maintenance and even for resale/trade-in purposes.

Brampton Car Tinting

Traffic in the GTA is challenging in the best of times so drivers have to find tricks to make it more bearable. Window tinting can do just that! Tinting the windows on your vehicle cuts down on UV rays and glare, making for a more comfortable and safe driving experience. Tinting can also reduce the internal heat of your vehicle in the summer months, add to privacy for you and your passengers and it has been known to boost the style factor of many makes and models.

Brampton Rust Proofing

One of the biggest factors behind decay on the underbody of vehicles in Canada is salt. Thanks to our rough winters in the GTA, erosion is a big problem for vehicle owners, which is why regular rust proofing treatments are a wise investment to maintain the health of your vehicle’s underbelly. The CAA also recommends using spray-on rust protection solutions to give your car that extra level of protection.

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