Caledon Car Wash

Did you know automated car cleaning is actually safer for your vehicle’s finish? A computer controlled cleaning process using fresh water, soft foam technology and cleaning agents with a proper PH balance all help clean the exterior of your vehicle in a safe way. Regularly having a wax finish applied will also help protect the paint finish from dirt, pollution and debris and keep it shining bright.

Caledon Car Detailing

Just like the outside of our vehicle should be maintained, so should the inside after all, it’s where you and your passengers are sitting. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle professionally detailed at least three times a year. The pros know which products and techniques to use to keep all the materials and surfaces in your vehicle clean and tidy.

Caledon Car Tinting

More than just a fashion statement for a vehicle, window tinting can actually improve your safety and comfort while driving. Having darker windows means there is less glare from the sun and oncoming headlights getting in your eyes. Tinted windows also block damaging UV rays and keep the heat out during the hot summer months.

Caledon Rust Proofing

Corrosion is a big problem in Canada. In fact, winter salt build-up is one of the key contributors to vehicle underbody damage and it happens every winter. Rust-proofing works and even the CAA recommends having a spray-on rust protection solution applied to the underside of your vehicle on an annual basis to prevent decay from setting in.

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