The automatic car wash first appeared on the scene way back in the 1930s. It was a very similar set up to the automatic car washes of today, implementing a conveyor belt style approach. Automatic car washes were comprised of long buildings that had the appearance of a tunnel. Vehicles were then pulled through these tunnel-like constructions on a conveyor, being cleaned with a series of cleaning bristles that rotated, water spraying nozzles, and wiping pads.

There were a substantial number of complaints about these automatic car washes of old, saying they were too tough on the exterior of vehicles. In some cases, actually grinding dirt and sand right into the coat, scratching up the paint job.

Automatic car wash technology has come a long way since then. These days you can expect a thorough clean from an automatic car wash service, without worry about damage and destruction to your vehicle.

Benefits of an Automatic Car Wash

There are several advantages to using an automatic car wash for both you and the environment.
Environmental Benefits of an Auto Car Wash.

Many people may not realize this, but by using an automatic car wash, instead of washing your car at home, you are actually doing a favor for the environment. In fact, washing a vehicle at home is so bad for the environment that is against the law in some places.

Some environmental benefits gained from using an automatic car wash are:

• Lower water consumption
• Less waste
• Recycled water
• More environmentally friendly products

Lower Water Consumption

Automatic car washes are very efficient when it comes to water usage. Having repeated the same task thousands of times, automatic car washes use an efficient amount of water to get the job done.
When you wash your car at home you will use an enormous of water, even if you are trying to be careful. It is estimated that the average auto car wash uses less than ¼ the amount of water used to wash a car at home.

Less Waste

Looking at the previous point about water consumption, home washes use a considerably larger amount of water than auto car washes. So, where does the water and soap go when you wash your car at home in the drive way?

Excess water from a home car wash gets absorbed into the ground and flushed down the sewers. So do all the cleaning products you have used. This is not good for the environment. This run off can pollute the local water supply and poison the soil.

More Environmentally Friendly Products

Automatic car washes have access to, and therefore use, more environmentally safe cleaning products. This is better for your vehicle and the environment.

Not only are the products safer at an auto car wash, but they are also collected after use so they don’t seep into the ground and pollute the environment.

Personal Benefits of an Auto Car Wash

There are several personal advantages to be enjoyed through the use of an automatic car wash as well. Some examples are:

• Saving time and Money
• A more thorough, gentler clean
• Less wear and tear

Saving Time and Money

This can be huge for a lot of people. For most of us, there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what we hope to get done. Saving time on any task can be a substantial bonus.
Most people assume that using an automatic car wash will be more expensive than washing it yourself at home. Once you figure in all the costs of cleaning products, equipment, water, and time spent, it is actually no more expensive to use an auto service.

Since time is money, you are saving both!

Small Companies and Businesses

If you are a small business owner, with company vehicles, automatic car washes are an excellent option. Affordability and efficiency make this the smartest choice for company cars. Making a good impression is very important, and keeping your vehicle looking great is easy with an auto car wash.

Automatic Car Wash Brampton and Mississauga

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