Now that we are starting to see signs of life in the form of budding trees and blooming flowers, it is only natural to want to hit the road for a drive to somewhere scenic to enjoy nature’s glory. But how is your vehicle looking after a tough winter? We all know summer is a great chance for us to do a thorough cleaning of our homes and it is also an opportunity to get your vehicle in good shape for the warmer months ahead.

Like with many things that you may have put off for a while, it can be a little daunting to figure out where to start, so let’s make it easy. Step number one towards a spiffy looking and clean vehicle is auto and car detailing. That’s the invaluable service of having your vehicle looked after inside and out.

You may not have realized this, but your strategy for car care and maintenance should be changing with the seasons and where winter was all about protection from the harshest elements like snow, ice, road salt and freezing temperatures, spring and summer is about assessing the damage of the past few months and doing a thorough cleaning.

In and Out auto wash and detailing means your vehicle will roll out of the car wash looking like new. Thanks to a computer controlled soft foam wash, any caked on road salt, mud and sleet residue will be washed away to unveil the true beauty of your vehicle’s finish. A fresh water rinse follows to make sure all of that unsightly, salt haze is gone from the visible exterior of your vehicle as well as the undercarriage where a lot of erosion can take place. After that, your vehicle will be hand dried to make sure that there is absolutely no salty residue, water spots or streaks left behind.

Follow that up with a Triple Poly Shine Wax done by hand to make your car’s finish shine like a diamond in the bright, spring sunshine. It’s also a protective layer for your vehicle’s finish and acts as a barrier against the rain, wind and even harsh sunlight.

So what does car detailing Brampton involve? Having the interior of your vehicle looked after is not a simple luxury, it is a vital part of proper car maintenance after the winter. Because road salt is so highly corrosive, you owe it to yourself to have the interior of your vehicle taken care of by trained professionals who know how to clean all the various materials and surfaces of your vehicle’s interior. After all, your vehicle was a big investment!

This includes a very thorough vacuuming of all the carpeting and upholstery inside your car. It’s very easy for road salt to be carried into your vehicle via the soles of your shoes and boots and no matter how conscientious you may have been over the winter to keep it out of the car, it always manages to get inside! That’s why the floor mats are also removed and given a good wash to make sure there’s no salt or that brine managed to get under the carpet and erode the metal underneath.

It’s a very wise investment to go for a complete interior shampoo that cleans your seats, carpets and floor mats. If your vehicle has it, leather will be cleaned and conditioned as well. Interior detailing also includes wiping down the doors, dash, console and door jambs, along with the windows to make sure any salty haze and dust build-up from the winter doesn’t impair your vision. The pros will also vacuum your trunk and wipe down your wheels so they look sharp and clean.

Some other helpful summer car care tips include replacing your windshield wipers. They probably took a beating over the winter and may even have some damage from road salt. Treat your vehicle to a new set so that you’re ready for any and all spring showers and will be able to see clearly no matter how often they come.

Also check out your tires. Be sure to inspect the treads of your winter tires to see if there is any unusual wear or uneven spots in the treads, as that can suggest your vehicle may be out of alignment. When getting your new tires on, be mindful of tire pressure for a smooth, efficient ride. Don’t forget about giving the spare tire in the trunk a good look over as well.

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