There is no more effective and comprehensive way to get your vehicle ready for winter than through professional detailing. With winter quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for the perils of winter driving.

Your car is an investment, and most people want to protect their investment in any way they can. The best way to protect your vehicle, and keep it running at optimal levels, is through regular automotive maintenance. Failing to take adequate care of your vehicle with a consistent care regime can actually end up costing you more money in the long run.

Mechanics love to see poorly maintained vehicles come through their shop doors. That spells big dollar signs for them. So, by making smaller, regular investments in your car, you can save money over time.

What are some things you can do to preserve the value of your vehicle?

Retaining the financial worth of your vehicle is all about proper automotive care. Car owners should do these things on a regular basis:

  • Oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Check brakes
  • Check lights
  • Replace windshield wiper blades
  • Check fluids/coolants
  • Check battery
  • Get a thorough cleaning and detailing

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is kind of like car washing or cleaning, except more involved. Think of car detailing as a more intensified and comprehensive version of a car wash.

Car detailing is a very meticulous and methodical process with the goal of restoring your vehicle as close to its original form as possible.

Why is getting your car detailed important for maintenance?

Keeping your car clean helps it run smoothly and efficiently. There are also several other benefits:

  • Preserving resale value
  • Health
  • Performance
  • Protection
  • Reflection of you

Preserving the Resale Value 

The majority of vehicle owners want to retain as much value as possible when it comes to their car. Car detailing is a great way to achieve this. Having your car detailed once or twice a year can make a huge difference.

Consider it this way. If you have your car detailed every 6 months by a professional, your vehicle is being restored close to its original form twice a year. If you never have your vehicle detailed, you are looking at layer upon layer of grime building up on your car, inside and out.


Most people don’t think about it (maybe because they don’t want to), but there are millions of germs and allergens present in your car at all times. An accumulation of dirt, dust, and filth in your vehicle’s interior causes these germs and such to circulate throughout your vehicle.

This is a potential health hazard for lung infections or catching other airborne ailments. It is also particularly harmful to asthma sufferers and children.


Another substantial plus for car detailing is its effect on your vehicle’s performance. An immaculately clean vehicle is more streamlined and efficient. This helps save you money on fuel economy.


Car detailing provides your vehicle with excellent protection, inside and out. The protection provided to the vehicle’s interior, keeps the upholstery intact and inviting. It also affords protection for your passengers’ health.

Car detailing guards the exterior, by applying a protective wax coat to the finish. This helps defend your vehicle against harmful environmental elements. Ideally, a wax coat should be applied to your car’s exterior twice a year to provide extra protection against contaminants and oxidation.

Reflection of You

Whether you like it or not, people make snap judgements about you all the time. What your vehicle says about you is no exception. If making a good impression is important, car detailing can be the way to achieve it.

Car Detailing Services Brampton

The In N Out Carwash and Detailing Centre in Brampton is an ideal place to have your car detailed by experienced automotive professionals.

The experts at In N Out will lavish your vehicle with a deep cleaning, both inside and out. Using advanced techniques, and only the finest detailing products, your car will be left looking shiny and new.

IN N Out Detailing Options

There are several packages to choose from when it comes to car detailing services.

Complete Interior Detailing and Shampoo

This service includes an interior shampoo, intensive interior cleaning, and an exterior wash.

Complete Interior Detailing, Shampoo, Hand Wax, and Glass Treatment

Includes the same features of the above package, plus glass treatment and hand wax.

A La Carte Detailing Services

This option allows you to create your own customized detailing package.

Please contact the office for more information or to make an appointment.

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