Whether you’re in Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Toronto, Vaughan or Caledon, winter weather has been milder than in previous years all across the GTA. Now that it’s officially winter with rain, snow, slush and salt on the road, here are some important reasons why getting a premium car wash is a smart idea for not only maintaining your vehicle in the long run but also staying safe and responsible in challenging road conditions.

 We’ve all seen those drivers who barely bothered to clean the snow or dirt off their vehicles before hitting the roads. If you’re one of them, it’s an incredibly dangerous thing to do for you as a driver and for other motorists, you’re sharing the roads with as the snow and slush build-up prevent you from being able to see clearly and it can also slide off while you’re driving, effectively blocking your view or even worse, crashing onto a nearby vehicle and impairing that driver’s vision and ability to respond safely. According to the Highway Traffic Act, it’s also illegal to have snow obstructing a clear view through your windows and side mirrors and you can face. 

 It can be a hassle keeping your vehicle clean all winter long. Visit In N Out Car wash and Car Detailing Centre and they will do all the hard work for you. There are numerous car wash options for you to choose from, regardless of the size or make of your vehicle. All of them are useful tools to keep your vehicle in good condition throughout the tough weather.

Wash and Rinse

We all know how damaging and corrosive road salt is to parts of your vehicle. It can eat away at the metal components both inside and outside of your vehicle and it tends to happen in places where you just can’t see the erosion taking place. To prevent that from happening, regularly treat your vehicle to a freshwater rinse and soft foam cleaning to safely and effectively clear your car from abrasive road salt and sand. This includes attention to the underbody of your vehicle in the nooks and crannies where you can’t see or reach. 

Hand Dried

After your vehicle gets cleansed of the unsightly residue that only winter driving conditions can create, your vehicle will be hand dried to make sure no salt streaks or stains remain.  Because your vehicle is being dried by hand, attendants can also alert you to any rust issues that may be developing, low tire pressure or damage to the paint job that has happened. This is all followed up with a Triple Poly Shine Wax, which is specifically meant to give your car’s paint a micro-thin layer of protection from environmental conditions. It’s a little extra bit of insurance to keep the outside of your vehicle looking good in the long run. 

Window Care

We already talked about how important it is to keep windows clear of snow when you’re driving, but what about the hazy film of salty and dirty build-up that stays behind? Window care is part of a professional car wash package and it will remove the stains of snow build-up and road salt residue that has a knack for coating just about every surface of your vehicle. Imagine how nice it’ll feel to look out of all your clean windows with a much safer, unobstructed view along your travels!

Interior Detailing

A proper cleaning of the floor mats will have the inside of your car looking great. Interior vacuuming will get rid of any road salt or sand that was trapped between the mats and carpeting and anywhere else the debris can easily land through day to day driving. Interior detailing is also a great way to refresh the look of your vehicle because all the inside surfaces will get wiped down with the proper cleaning and conditioning products that remove the dullness and staining that road salt residue can leave behind, seemingly everywhere. 


Of course, you have winter tires installed on your vehicle by now and it’s critical they are at the optimum pressure reading so they can do their job effectively and keep you safe. A good car wash includes having them wiped down and any salt particles removed from the treads.

So keep your vehicle in a great shape this winter season and enjoy riding a clean vehicle. Visit In N Out Car Wash with 3 locations in Brampton. 

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