Why repairing a damaged windshield is so important? What you don’t know could be dangerous.

You are driving along the highway and suddenly hear the sound of a pebble hurled at the glass of your windshield, causing a small damaged spot. What should you do?

Even if the damage is barely noticeable, keep in mind that chips and cracks that begin to grow are a major safety hazard. They put your life at risk, as well as the lives of your passengers in the car, and other drivers sharing the road with you. While it may not seem like it, your windshield plays a critical role in the overall structural integrity and safety of your vehicle. Don’t delay its replacement. For all your windshield repair needs, In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre has got you covered.

Is the crack bigger than a quarter loonie? A broken windshield is not something you should put off fixing. Before you know it, you may end up having to replace the windshield, which would raise the amount of your investment. In N Out Car wash, windshield repair Brampton and Mississauga, driving safety always comes first, regardless of the cost.

Not all drivers understand the types of damage that can be safely repaired and what to expect from a quality repair technician. No need to worry. Our trained technicians know just about everything that has to do with fixing a chip before it becomes a crack.

Our technicians will stop a small chip that can quickly become a spider web, and prevent any further damage to your vehicle. Cracks that distort your line of vision are very dangerous, increasing the likelihood of a crash happening in the first place (and the severity of injuries).

A structurally sound windshield from windshield repair Brampton allows the passenger airbag to function properly and minimize roof collapse. If the windshield is weakened due to unexpected damage, it will not provide optimal protection in an accident. For example, the chip may break down the auto glass from a car flip on the road, causing the whole windshield to shatter. If you didn’t already mend the problem, it’s already too late. You risk being pulled over by the police.

Stop by for windshield repair. There are 6 reasons why you should!

  • Award-winning: In N Out Car Wash has won many awards. Hundreds of clients choose us to be their preferred vendor for windshield chip repair, replacement, and other services.
  • Convenience: the whole process of repairing your windshield takes only 10 to 15 minutes. Our goal is to get you back on the road as swiftly and safely as possible. No appointment is needed.
  • Experienced and skilled staff: well-prepared to handle any windshield chip, replacement, or repair that your car needs. Whether you’re driving a luxury sedan, or an SUV – we have past experience and success in handling your vehicle.
  • High-quality equipment and aftermarket parts: have access to Uniglass high quality and all of the OEM parts that your vehicle will need. Windshield repair Brampton only uses the best material and equipment to do the repairs and replacements. Always drive safe by making sure all the parts of your car are in good condition.
  • Ecologically friendly: repairing instead of replacing keeps thousands of windshields out of landfills.
  • Insurance benefits: just because you got a chip, it doesn’t mean you have to cover the bill. Insurance companies with comprehensive coverage in Ontario will waive your deductible. Obviously, repairing a chip is preferable to replacing the entire windshield.

If you are dealing with a small chip or a little crack that affects the outer layer of your auto glass, it’s best to get it repaired before it gets worse and turns into a full-blown window replacement. If it’s untreated, today’s minor dings can become tomorrow’s headache. In this case, promptness pays.

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