From Georgetown to Caledon, Mississauga to Brampton and Toronto to Vaughan and beyond, we have been sweltering in temperatures of more than 30 degrees for nearly 40 days this summer. It’s an infernal record the GTA has broken and while some people love the heat and revel in the humidity, there are a lot of us who prefer much more comfortable outdoor temperatures and that does not just apply to humans. Your vehicle could also use a break from the relentless and intense heat we have endured the past few months.

If you have never considered window tinting up until now or have been on the fence about getting it done to the windows on your vehicle, the outdoor temperatures that we experienced over the summer should have helped clarify your stance to finally get them done. Whatever your vehicle, In N Out has a team of professionals to get your tinting job done right and our window tinting procedures include only high quality 3M films to provide your vehicle with the perfect tint and ultimate protection. There are so many meaningful reasons to make the investment in your vehicle by getting tinting applied to all the windows of your truck, car, SUV or van:

Keep Cool

Running the air conditioning in your vehicle is really only useful when you and your passengers are in the car to enjoy it. But what about all the hours you are away from your vehicle and the air conditioning isn’t on? How do you help keep the interior cool then? With tinted windows, you block harmful UV rays and intense heat. Depending on the tint shade and type, anywhere from 40 per cent to over 70 per cent of thermal energy can be blocked out, keeping the interior of your vehicle cooler and protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Protect Your Passengers

We all know riding in a cool temperature car in the summer is far more enjoyable for your passengers but have you ever thought of the UVA and UVB rays that are putting you at risk? In fact, UV radiation from the sun is associated with nearly 90 per cent of all skin cancers. Tinting films can reduce the amount of UVB and especially UVA rays penetrating through the side, front and back glass of your vehicle, further protecting everyone inside the vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays.

Protect Your Interior

As much as tinting windows protects you and your passengers, it also shields the interior fabrics and materials of your vehicle from damage. In extreme heat and direct sunlight, oils can start to leech out of the vinyl surfaces and leather upholstery in your vehicle. Not only are these potentially toxic substances you are coming into contact with but it also leads to brittle materials and cracked surfaces and faded colours that cheapen the look of your vehicle and lessen your ability to trade it in or sell it at a fair rate.

Drive Safely and Comfortably

Safety should always come first and you know how uncomfortable and distracting it is when the bright sun is shining in your eyes. Window tinting comes in all sorts of shades and intensity and do a great job at significantly decreasing the amount of blinding sunlight that creeps in during the day and the glare from oncoming vehicle headlights at night. Having unobstructed, clear vision while driving not only makes for a far more comfortable and enjoyable drive, it is also the safe thing to do for you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.

Enhance Your Privacy

We have already discussed the fantastic safety benefits window tinting brings through protection from thermal energy, harsh UVA and UVB rays and intense sunlight or headlight glare from oncoming traffic. Tinting your windows also brings a greater level of privacy to you and your passengers. You don’t have to worry about other drivers peering into your vehicle while you are on the road. Tinting is also helpful at keeping criminal elements from scoping out the inside of your vehicle to see if there is anything they might want to steal. From an aesthetic perspective, window tinting can also change the look of your vehicle and enhance its “cool factor”. You can quickly and easily enhance the style, appearance and value of your vehicle by selecting an attractive shade of window tint that is also a great investment for potential resale.

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