Ontario summer heat is on its way, and with it comes some potential problems for you and your vehicle this summer season.

If you do a lot of driving in the summer, you may be looking for some effective and efficient ways to keep cool during the sweltering heat.

Drivers in the GTA, from Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Caledon, and Georgetown to name a few, can take advantage of car and auto tinting services offered at the In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre.

Ontario summers are continually getting hotter, and again this summer it will likely be tough to find reprieve from the intense summer sun.

If you have never considering window tinting as an option, it can make a big difference to your driving comfort and safety in the extreme heat.

The tinting experts at In N Out Car Wash only use the highest quality 3M tinting films to provide the ultimate in protection and performance.

This tinting service can offer some much-needed relief from the heat to you, your passengers, your pets, and your vehicle this summer.

Benefits of Car and Auto Window Tinting

There are many practical advantages to be enjoyed from a professional window tinting.

Some of the greatest benefits, might include:

  • Staying cool
  • Passenger protection
  • Upholstery protection
  • Enhanced comfort and safety
  • Enhanced privacy

Stay Cool

The number one goal for a lot of people in the summer is to stay cool. While some people thrive in scorching temps, the majority of us are looking for any angle we can to avoid them.

Window tinting is an effective option.

Of course, you can run the air conditioner to control the interior temp, but that’s only while you are in the car.

Tinting helps keep the interior cool at all times, reducing the need to crank your air con as soon as you get into your car.

Passenger Protection

Window tinting is not only effective for keeping your passengers cool, but also safe from UV radiation from the sun.

SolarGard window tinting films offered at In N Out Brampton provide up to 99% UV protection.

Window tinting offers ultimate protection and comfort, without having to turn the AC up to full blast.

Upholstery Protection

UV rays are not only damaging to your passengers, but also to the upholstery in your vehicle. The fabric in the interior of your vehicle can get ravaged and worn by the sun without proper protection.

Fabrics can become cracked, brittle, and faded from overexposure to the sun. Not only that, the sun triggers the release of toxic chemicals from vinyl and leather which can be hazardous to the health of you and your passengers.

All this adds up to reduced safety and resale value.

Enhanced Safety

Certain angles of the sun, shining directly in your eyes can compromise the safety of everyone in your vehicle.

Window tinting can help cut down the glare and reduce brightness that can significantly impair driving vision.

It can also help decrease the intensity of high beams from oncoming vehicles at night.

Clear, unobstructed vision makes for a safer, less stressful driving experience.

Enhanced Privacy

Auto and car tinting can also offer increased privacy for the interior of your vehicle. This can be useful whether you are in your vehicle or not.

It adds extra privacy for you and your passengers when you are on the road, and prevents potential thieves from viewing the interior of your car when you are not in it.

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