Rust proofing is one of those aspects of vehicle maintenance that should be done once a year or so to keep your car running efficiently and to preserve its value.

An automobile is a costly investment. I am sure you want to get the best performance you can out of it while you’re driving it, and the most money you can when it comes time to sell it.

One effective way to keep up performance and sustain value is regular rust proofing services from an automotive professional.

Rust Proofing Brampton

Living in Ontario implies that your car is going to be subject to extreme driving conditions. Heat and humidity in the summer, and snow, ice, and road salt in the winter means that protective maintenance is a must if you want to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Rust proofing can help safeguard your automobile against the severe environmental elements.

For drivers in Brampton, and throughout the GTA, a great rust proofing solution can be found at In N Out Car Wash and Car Detailing Centre.

The expert technicians at In N Out Brampton use the Rust Check process and products to give your car ultimate rust protection.

Rust Check Services Brampton

Rust Check rust proofing services involve using a gel-based spray to protect your car from rust rather than a sealant.

The Rust Check service at In N Out Brampton includes:

  • Amber undercarriage spray
  • Dripless, gel-based spray for no mess and comprehensive protection
  • Recommendation for yearly reapplication to preserve vehicle value and keeping your warranty valid

Why is Rust Check protection preferable to rust proofing sealants?

There are several reasons why a spray is better than a sealant when it comes to protecting your car from rust.

Some reasons that Rust Check spray is better than a sealant, are:

  • Protection for hard to reach cracks and crevasses
  • It’s an excellent adhesive
  • Self-healing
  • Moisture doesn’t get trapped
  • Doesn’t crack or peel
  • Good lubricator
  • No odour
  • No paint-damage
  • Good for the warranty
  • Simple reapplication

Extra Protection

Rust Check spray is so effective because it can reach into all those difficult areas than can’t easily be accessed with a sealant.

These areas are crucial and need to be treated because that is where rust tends to develop.

Excellent Adhesive

Rust Check spray can readily attach to any surface, whether it is shiny and new or not. It is equally effective for both new and used vehicles.


Rust Check spray is made up of a unique mix of chemicals to offer self-healing properties. Even though existing rust cannot be reversed, Rust Check spray is effective in stopping its progression.

No Trapped Moisture

When using a sealant for rust protection, there is always the worry of moisture getting trapped within the sealant and having the opposite of the desired effect.

Rust Check works to remove moisture before adhering to the intended surface.

No Cracking or Peeling

Since Rust Check spray does not dry or solidify, there is no danger of it ever cracking or peeling, which can be a real concern with sealants.

Good Lubricator

Rust Check spray not only offers good rust protection but is also a good lubricant for the metal components.

No Odour

A lot of rust proofing sealants have a very strong smell that lingers for a long time after application. Rust Check spray does not have this issue.

No Paint-Damage

If any of the spray comes into contact with the paint job, it will not cause any damage and is easily wiped off.

Good for Warranty

Regular Rust Check rust proofing services can help maintain the warranty on your vehicle, and comes with its own yearly warranty.

Simple Reapplication

Reapplication is recommended once a year to keep the product providing optimal protection for your car.


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