Is your car showing unsightly signs of dents and scratches that expose the bare metal through daily driving? Not sure how it got there? Or how it can be helped? Although they can be beautiful, the Canadian winters are not kind to your car. Trust In N Out Car Wash and Car Detailing in Brampton to protect your car from harsh weather conditions and salt before it hardens, and gets in your way on the road. From the moment you arrive at the dealership, the friendly staff will assist you with all your rust proofing needs.

How exactly does road salt cause cars to rust?

Oxygen present in water and salt causes corrosion. Water is required for corrosion, and the presence of salt intensifies the process. As water starts to react with the metal of your car, it’s a matter of time before rust begins to form. Of course, salt can be your best friend when it comes to melting ice or snow, but it can be a downright hazard to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Not to mention, you have more problems because rust can’t be stopped, it can only be slowed down. As a responsible car owner, rust proofing your car is a must to not only save you money, but also to keep you and your passengers safe.

Rust proofing will stop rust before it starts

Whether you have a brand new or an old and outdated car in your garage; once your car rusts, the damage is permanent. If metal is left neglected, rust can spread and harm the mechanical parts, leaving you with an unsafe, structurally compromised vehicle. This includes everything from electrical connection, brake lines, and window controls (just to name a few). Eventually, vehicles affected by corrosive chemicals have a weakened frame, and do not fare well in collision.

Don’t put the car at risk. If your car is attacked by small spots of rust, it’s important to immediately drive the car over to a dealership to prevent rust from spreading. Regular washing is a good way to protect your car from corrosion and moisture against the undercarriage that cause further damage. Keeping it clean under there will allow surfaces to dry quicker making it less vulnerable to oxidation.

Conventional rust proofing products don’t work

Thinking about using a chemical remover to scrape off dirt and grime from your car? Most proofing sprays on the market are not strong enough to dissolve the stubborn stains that eat away from metal surfaces.

With self-application, you have to deal with the ugly mess of oil seeping into the frame; not to mention, the sticky residue afterwards. Still, you may be concerned about the oil spray process when it comes time to drill holes in the doors, fenders, or other weakened areas that have rust buildup. All you are doing is trying to cover rust with unreliable store bought sprays that probably won’t fix the problem. Your best bet is to save money and ask the dealership to apply a proofing oil spray that will protect the undercarriage, leaving your car looking better and running longer down the road.

Why is In N Out Car Wash and Detailing better than any dealer in rust proofing?

Exceptionally skilled professionals: rust proofers have years of experience inspecting nooks and crannies that cause moisture and oxygen from creeping in the undercarriage.

Complete full body packages: target all areas of your vehicle that are vulnerable to rust and rust damage. Full body treatments include all exterior metal trim and electrical connections and components.

Elevated standards for safety: use top-of-the-line products, including mild soaps and high quality waxes.

Awe-inspiring customer experience: you can view the entire detailing and cleaning process from start to finish; enjoy the comfortable viewing gallery, or relax in their fully equipped hospitality area.

Best service car wash and detailing center in Brampton: won 5 stars for highest level of quality services and prices, year after year.

Cars are expensive, and many of us want them to last longer. Taking steps now to address rust before it eats its way to the other side goes a long way to increase protection, and extend the life and safety of your vehicle.

Get peace of mind with In N Out Car Wash and Detailing, knowing that you have done all you can to protect your investment. What’s more, rust proofing will help improve the appearance and re-sale value of your vehicle, should you decide to sell in the future!

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