The self serve car wash is an ideal option for vehicle owners that would like to be in control of handling the cleaning and maintenance or their cars, but also would like access to professional cleaning tools, products, and equipment.

Self Serve Car Wash Brampton & Mississauga

For drivers around the GTA interested in taking advantage of top of the line equipment and cleaning products to bring vehicles to a high shine, you can stop in at In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Centre.

Whether you are looking to have your vehicle pampered and cared for by automotive experts, or are in more of a DIY kind of mood, there are plenty of options to choose from. From coin operated car wash selections to full service premium car wash packages, the sky is the limit.

Maximizing Usage of Self Serve Car Wash Offerings

Making use of all the tools and materials at your disposal when using a self serve car wash will help you achieve optimal results. It may seem like explanations are unnecessary when it comes to washing a vehicle, especially if you have experience washing your car at home. However, if you want to get the most you can out of a self serve car wash, there are some tips and suggestions that you may find useful.

Getting Prepared

Giving your car a cursory tidying before bringing it in for a washing can help save time that could be better spent taking advantage of all the available amenities. It can also help free up some space if the interior is going to be cleaned as well.

Set Up

After doing a little prep work on your vehicle to get it ready, it is time to head over to the self serve car wash facility. Vehicle placement should be considered once you reach the washing bay. Try to park as close the middle as you can to allow plenty of room to get at your car from all sides.


The first method of attack on your self serve car wash excursion is to give your car a thorough pre-soak and pre-rinse to wash away all the dirt and grime around your vehicle. Some of it will be visible, and some of it may be lurking in the cracks, but it all must go.

Soap Wash

Up next is to give your car a complete wash with soap, meticulously getting at all the areas of your vehicle, including the tires and wheel wells.


A thorough rinsing with mild pressure is the next move, ensuring all the soap is entirely removed to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Wax On?

You can then decide if you want to go all the way and finish the job right with a protective wax finish. This is a recommended step if you want to safeguard the paint against chips and scratches and preserve the value of your vehicle. Make sure your car is absolutely dry before applying the wax.

Interior Cleaning

Another optional step is vacuuming the interior. This is a great to rid the inside of your car from all the allergens, dust mites, bacteria, and food waste that can cause health issues.

Self Serve Car Wash Benefits

There are an assortment of advantages to taking your vehicle to a self serve car wash for routine maintenance. Some benefits may be:

  • Access to superior tools and cleansers
  • Time saving and economical
  • Excellent outcomes

Superior Tools and Cleansers

In N Out Self Serve Car Wash services ensure you will always have access to top of the line cleaning products and the right tools and equipment to apply them. There is never any concern about using the wrong products that may damage the finish, or lack of water pressure.

Time Saving and Economical

Save time by not having to lug out any equipment, set up a hose, or worry about having the right products at your disposal. Simply roll up and get to work with no cleanup, and the price is right whether you are paying with a card or coin operated car wash.

Excellent Outcomes

Revel in the glory of the amazing results you have achieved using a self serve car wash. It will look like it was done professionally, but you know who is responsible for such an impressive finish.

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