Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to protect your car and keep it immaculate, that day will eventually come. You will encounter a scratch or, even worse, a crack on your windshield. This type of scratch needs to be repaired to prevent more damage or accident. Before discussing the types of cracks that can be repaired, let’s see how a windscreen is significant.

Importance of a Windshield

A windshield plays a vital role in safety because it protects the driver and passengers from wind, rain, and other natural elements.

Without it, there would be no way to see the road ahead. The windshield also protects from the sun’s glare, which can be especially harmful to sensitive eyes on long trips.

Types of Windshield Damages

Most of the windshield damages are about chips and cracks, which can be repaired. Here are some of the common types of damages that are part of windshield repair services:

Minor Chips

These are tiny cracks that can develop into larger cracks if left alone. Tiny chips on the windshield are usually nothing to worry about. They’re made when rocks or other materials hit the glass and crack around its point of impact.

Unlike larger cracks that can compromise your windshield’s structural integrity, small chips like these will probably never get any bigger or issue safety threats. However, suppose you notice any changes to the windshield that impairs vision. In that case, it is necessary to repair them before they spread out.

Star Cracks

Star cracks are long cracks that spider out from one point on your windshield. Temperature changes cause these cracks and usually occur near the edge of the glass or inside the car near vents.

Star cracks take up more space than stone chips and aren’t as easy to fix because they expand outward, not inward, like most cracks. Because they’re so big, they almost always require replacement instead of repair.

Bull’s-eye Crack

A bull’s-eye crack on the windshield is a crack that starts at the outside of the glass and works its way toward the center. The crack appears as a circle or square on the windshield. Bull’s-eye cracks are caused by flying debris, like rocks, stones, or even bugs.

If your windshield has a bull’s-eye crack, you will first want to clean up any loose pieces of glass that may be in the crack. These could cause further damage if they become lodged in the crevice.

Combination Crack

A combination crack is a fusion of the bull’s eye and star crack. Usually, a combination crack occurs when a windshield is hit with a stone on the top edge of the glass, causing it to break and spread out.

This type of damage can be difficult to repair because many repair shops are not equipped to deal with it. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a shop that uses an additional piece of glass to fill the crack. If not, you may be forced to replace the entire windshield.

Why Chips and Cracks Need to be Repaired Immediately

It’s important to note that not all chips or cracks need to be repaired right away. If you have a small chip or crack in the corner of your windshield, you might be able to live with it for a while until you have time to get it repaired by a professional. However, if you have a crack in a place that could let moisture into your windshield, it’s best to get it right away. Auto glass repair can avoid any further damage to the windshield. 

Bottom Line

Chipped auto glass is dangerous when the crack or chip remains exposed to the elements. The small opening allows moisture to get trapped against the glass, causing it to weaken and eventually break completely. This causes a deep indentation that is unsafe for both drivers and passengers and may require windshield replacement. In addition, a broken windshield can no longer protect occupants from debris or flying objects on the road.


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