Vaughan Car Wash

Hand washing vehicles has been going on for centuries but like most things, has been improved upon thanks to technology. A computer controlled cleaning process using fresh water and soft foam technology is the best way to keep your vehicles’ exterior looking shiny and new. Because professionals use cleaning products with a proper PH balance, it won’t damage the finish on your vehicle either.

Vaughan Car Detailing

You sit in it, eat in it, talk in it and get around in it, so doesn’t it make sense to make sure the inside of your vehicle looks just as good as the outside? It’s suggested you have your car professionally detailed at least three times a year to maintain its appearance and value. The pros also know which products and techniques to use get all the fabrics, materials and surfaces in your vehicle clean and tidy.

Vaughan Car Tinting

Window tinting is more than just a cosmetic feature to enhance your car it has several other useful purposes. Darkening the shade of your windows helps block damaging UV rays that can cause the materials and surfaces in our car to fade and degrade. Tinting also keeps the temperature down in your car in the summer months and cuts down on glare while you’re driving so you can see that much better.

Vaughan Rust Proofing

Rust proofing is an integral part of maintaining your vehicle’s health. Costly corrosion happens on millions of vehicles every year in Canada, thanks to our tough winters. Highways and roadways across the GTA are constantly doused with salt solutions to keep the roads from icing but that causes major corrosion on the underbody of your vehicle. The CAA suggests annually using spray-on rust protection solutions to prevent that from happening.

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