With the spring season fast approaching, there is a lot to get excited about, and more people are on the road. However, taking care of your vehicle, including the windshield repair brampton, is crucial during this season.

In most cases, spring is associated with unpredictable weather patterns like thunderstorms with high winds and hail. The seasonal change can negatively impact and damage your windshield, which can be risky if not dealt with in good time. Therefore, you need to get your windshield checked to prevent spring damage and prepare for the summer season.

This article highlights the causes of windshield damage during spring and why you must get it repaired before the weather changes.

Causes of Windshield Damage

Here are some things that can damage your windshield:

  • Tiny Rocks

As the winter season fades away, your car’s windshield is left exposed to the icy winter weather. Usually, snow from the winter season starts to melt, and the runoff can cause small rocks and gravel to form on the roadside. You can also expect sludges and salt on the road after winter.

Hence, other vehicles can cause tiny rocks to hit your windshield, causing small chips or cracks. In other instances, larger vehicles and trucks can flip up rocks behind them, increasing the chances of other vehicles being hit by the debris.

These chips and cracks on your windshield can impair your vision, leading to accidents. The situation can deteriorate if the chip or damage is not repaired as soon as possible. To avoid any more damage, it is highly recommended to drive slower.

Driving at high speeds will make you more susceptible to cracks and chips when a rock lands on your windshield. Highway speeds can also put more pressure on a cracked windshield, and you may need to do a complete replacement.

  • Shifting Temperatures

The shifting temperatures can worsen the crack and cause it to spread even further. This is especially true if the temperature inside your car is warmer than the air outside. Also, if water gets into the windshield crack, it can lead to freezing, causing the windshield to break.

  • Potholes

While potholes may not directly damage your windshield, they may worsen a bad situation. The shifting weather causes potholes during spring. Hitting a pothole puts more pressure on a windshield that already has a crack or chip, which could cause the issue to spread even further. You also want to ensure that you are not suffering from a crack.

  • Natural Debris

Spring is known for strong winds that can bring down tree branches and wreak havoc on your windshield. If possible, try not to pack your car under trees as natural debris could damage your windshield. Parking under direct sunshine could also increase the chances of your windshield cracking during spring. To prevent this, consider parking in the garage and other safe areas.

Getting Your Windshield Checked and Repaired Before Spring

Taking your windshield to be regularly checked can help prevent cracks and chips on your windshield. It is also essential to keep your windshield clean since rocks and chips can sometimes hide under a dirty windshield and often go unnoticed until it is too late.

The good news is that windshield cracks and chips can easily be repaired, so you can continue with your journey. If you notice a crack, take the necessary step to fix it before it spreads further and causes more devastating damage. This also helps to increase visibility and save you money since you won’t need to do a complete windshield replacement.

Since spring is short-lived, you also need to get your windshield checked in preparation for summer. The temperature fluctuations can cause the windshield to heat up and expand. When this happens, the crack on your windshield will widen. Hence, ensure that your windshield is repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

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